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  1. DSTD and kext help

    Thank you very much, now i just need help for the network card, maybe someone can figure that out to. Thank you all for the answers, very much appreciated.
  2. DSTD and kext help

    I just installed snow leopard from iatkos on another hdd, everything runs fine, i just need to make some tweaks for audio and video, the network card is not recognized unfortunately and i will really appreciate if someone can take a look to my dsdt and make some changes if needed. Thanks!
  3. DSTD and kext help

    I tried both version from iatkos(lion and leopard) and they dont have the kext for this network card, thank you very much for your help, it will be great if i can finally manage to use os x on my pc. Cheers!
  4. DSTD and kext help

    Thanks for your reply, my network card is wired: http://www.tp-link.c.../?model=TF-3200. Unfortunately the card from the motherboard is broken and i changed with this one(tp-link), but i cant find a kext, i thought that maybe someone with knowledge can create a kext for this type of network card.I tried the os x a few months ago and those components are not working, so this time i want to find all kexts i need and then i will install the os x again. I dont have a laptop, from what i see that version of os x is for laptops, mine is a desktop pc. Thank you again for your help and maybe there is someone who can help me with the dstd and a kext for the network card.
  5. DSTD and kext help

    Hello, i want to install mac os on my computer and i need kexts for audio, video and most important for my network card. I will need help to edit my DSTD to, i extracted the dstd and sstd with aida64 and i will appreciate if someone wants to edit it for me.... id for the parts where i need kexts: audio: realtek ALC888 id: 10EC-O888 network: TP-LINK: ID 13F0-0200 ati hd 2400: ID 1002-AA10 I hope someone can help me with this, i really want to use mac os. Thank you! dstd and ssdt.rar
  6. Introduce yourself

    Hello, nice to be here.