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  1. badaxe 2 mute

    so i have the badaxe 2 running iatkos 10.5.1 with the targua patched audio... obviously theres no mute button. well i just got a razer tarantula keyboard today, and the mute button on it works. actual mac mute. not sure what can be gleaned from this, but thought it should be posted. later guys
  2. Question on how legal iAktos v1.0i is.

    Even Iatkos and Kalyway, as "easy" installs are still far harder than the average computer user, let alone mac buyer would be able to handle. I work at a store that sells alot of computers including macs, the people buying macs are not the ones who want to figure out how to fake a computer into being a mac. OSX86 probably creates more of a market than it hurts them.
  3. Anybody tried iATKOS?

    After a few botched attempts I got iatkos to work. bad axe 2, quad core, geforce 7900. DUAL BOOT CHAIN0 METHOD. MBR, VANILLA KERNAL. booooyaaahhhh
  4. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    Questions: Can i upgrade over a 10.4.10 mac.nub install? Can i do that if I am formatted MBR not GUID? Will this mess up a chain0 dual boot if i install it over a previous install? i really liked the older uphucks releases and I cant wait to try this. bad axe 2 quad core, SATA drives, PATA DVD, geforce 7900, etc cheers!
  5. Tiger vs Leopard for Final cut

    I've done a little searching, but havent found much. I'm building a hackintosh, probably the most common one around here (i'm hoping) bad axe2, Q6700, 4 gigs of corsair, geforce 7900 GT, 2 SATA HDs, etc. now, will running leopard help final cut 6 as its more 64 bit aware, or is it just easier staying with uphuck 10.4.9? cheers!
  6. Best MOBO For A Quad System?

    dont people know how to search? anyway, I went BA2. yeah its not as forward compatable, but seriously. If i am going to UPGRADE its not going to be for something as incrimental as the next refresh, i would at least look 2-3 refreshes out where who knows if the p35 chipset is going to ready for that. I am going for proven stability in the here and now.
  7. i will definitely try and help you out. i am going to get this motherboard in a package and wouldn't mind getting it to work. I did just buy a d975xbx2 just incase though haha.
  8. Getting DG33TL to work

    i just ordered a 975xbx2 just incase it doesnt work. any word with leopard out now of new successes?
  9. Cool. I had thought of doing a rack mount for my brother some time. It is definately the pimp thing for a studio guy.
  10. New config with Intel DG33TL

    i made another thread about this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...8&hl=DG33TL hopefully some one will have some success!
  11. Getting DG33TL to work

    i was really hoping they would dump some "old" 975xbx2s on us. i want to try and figure as much out about this as possible before i get my hands on the mobo, as if its new in box i think i can trade it/sell and buy something useful more easily that other wise. hopefully my intel rep will be at my store tomorrow. i might talk with him and see if i cant just swap them out on the side.... unlikely, but im an ass and i will ask.
  12. Getting DG33TL to work

    OK: the intel employee purchase program just announced that this would be the mother board in their bundle. From my current findings, no one has gotten it to work as a hackintosh. this is not good. I intend to make it work. WHOS WITH ME?
  13. Wireless card not detected, switch broken

    what distro of OSX are you using? i got mine working in uphuck 1.4i sometimes holding down the wireless switch while you hit the power switch to turn it on helps. hold it until you see gray apple.
  14. Ive installed protools LE 7.3 on 2 computers, one on uphuck 4.9 and one on JaS 4.8. both seemed to work, I know i had sound output on the uphuck installl, i havent had a chance to record with them. both computers were both a bit underpowered for a good protools experiance.
  15. Gateway GM5446E

    I can always buy it and return it if it doesnt work.... but i would prefer knowing a bit before i go into it! (ive made this work on less likely hardware!)