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    Final Cut Studio 3 installation

    hi darix here.. I too have downloaded all 7 dvd images. The main installer was a cdr image. i went to install both all and without the content and i still get install failed...its doing my head in. I have even installed version 5.1 then did updates then jumped to this version..dont know were my version 2 is....but still goes so far then fails to install ...mentioning something about it was unable to install to "/" It quite baffling...i even downloaded from somewhere else thinking their image had better luck..nope. Is it a system thing? i even changed the permissions to allow read and write of the hard drive. Is there a solution?
  2. darix30

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    hi darix here... good to hear...but how did you update to 10.5.2. i have 10.5.1 or do you have an actual mac not hackintosh? could you show me how to update to 10.5.2 if you have a hackintosh im using iaktos v1.0i version thanks!
  3. darix30

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    hi darix here.. Hey guys...im using a usb wireless dongle and its based on the rtl8187 and i get the same...comes on then seconds later goes off.but i plug it in and out and then i get a stable connection...that me till i reboot or it decides to freeze. ive a steady connection now like. which is good..i was able to download all my hotmail in entourage which is like a microsoft outlook got office 2008 which looks good... aperture 1.5 wasnt working with leopard and the update to 1.5.6 wasnt working either...so i was able to download the full 1.5.6 of aperture and it worked no problem ..yippee i just need to get it to recognise my ata sata raid card pci...so as to get my other 2 hard drives. i hope a fix comes soon for rtl8187....but for now i am pleased that as least it gives a stable connection at some point ctacha laterzzz
  4. darix30

    RTL8187 problem in Leopard

    hi darix here.. I would just like to say thanks to you all in this forum...i download leopard versions i dont know how many times and printed the installations guides that you had posted. Ive lost count of the many times ive had to goto diskutil and erase and repartition and install leopard. My specs are: conroe1333-dvi/h motherboard intel core2duo 2.33ghz processor 2gb of ddr2 memory 400gb sata hard drive and a few ide ones raid card with one ata and 2 sata connections hd sound realtek i think nvidia geforce 8600gt 256mb pci-e card firewire card 16x dvdrw Anyways...i was hoping to get leopard on but i wasnt getting anywhere..it was doing my nut. my recent download was the iatkos_v1.0i leopard and when i downloaded it as the iso...nero didnt recognise it as an image file. so i couldnt use that. i googled and tried a program called imgburn and it did the job nicely. burnt it about 2.4x the disc wasnt 2.08 or 09gb it was 2.44gb. The first one i downloaded the md5 didnt match the metioned one online but the second one i downloaded did but still the program checker for md5 said it was false.. only false about it was that mine was in capital letters and numbers and the one mentioned online was in lowercase ..hehehe! anyways..i did as was instructed...but i couldnt even get into installing it....turns out i had to downgrade my bios to 1.50 from v2.00...bingooo! got into using discutil...but when it went to verify the installation dvd it failed....sorry that happened using the first leopard disc that the md5 didnt match... this recent one however did match and i was able to fully install leopard. efi emulation somehow didnt work for me.. so i had to say no and use the other kernel. When i went to customise i left the selections as they were and went on with the install and did the job with Gparted live cd to activate the boot tag. Rebooted...only got a flashing cursor. after other atempts i thought id select the smbios kext under system in customise and try install again..and bingo ..tho the installation disc was in...i got the bootloader come up and it counted down...then the apple logo came up with the spinning disc. i thought at least thats something...then i listened to the cd drive when the spinning stopped..then few seconds later the dvd drive spinned up again which never done that b4. Low and behold i got a dark blue screen with the cursor screen then the background pic and then icons and others came up... HALLALULYA! and when i moved the opened folder it didnt give me the sunk in effect thats caused by a weak driver i think..but i was able to move it about with no problem.. didnt have the geforce driver for the 8600gt in it tho...but i was chuft. Oh! and i heard sound too....the sound effects in the properties jingled as they were ment to...and hd audio output was highlighted but not input due to no mic in yet. i tried nvidia installer v1.9 by punk92. mpkg and selected the geforce 8600gt 256mb kext and it installed ok....rebooted and i was crossing fingers and all ....YESSSS my sonnn....my screen was smaller and icons bigger...i new it worked...checked system profiler and the device id was 0x0402 ..vendor..nvidia (0x10de) revision id..0x00a1 ..rom revision...nvinject 0.2.1 hardware acceleration..quartz extreme...supported..rotation..supported changing the resolution was a bit iffy but on reboot i was able to get 1280x960 at 60hz 256mb happy days now since your talking here about the rtl8187 wireless.....i have a usb wireless ...azurewave...but is based on the rtl8187... im actually using it on leopard as i text this..and its still stable...i didnt install any drivers...minutes later the realtek icon like a blue crab came bouncing on the bottom of the screen...so i checked the network and it installed the driver for it automatically somehow....and it connected .... as you say it cut off every now and then but i got it to keep in the dock...and ive been connected for sometime now...so im chuft... actually under networks....airport is connected showing my router ip and is using DHCP only and the ethernet is green too but with a random ip and says connected too.. im getting no bulitin audio under the profiler too....it recognised sata drives ...i find like i did with tiger...i installed it with only the basics ...no other selections in customise and it gets me into the os....coz if i select other drivers on the first install ..it dont work....tho going thru the installation a second time but only to select a driver at a time works..so give that a whirl. This is those that have the same motherbord and stuff as me...adobe web creative suite doesnt crash...aperture does and the update wont install for some reason...final cut studio 5.1 works..it kept closing on me because i had no external firewire source so my friend lent me his camera and bingo ..it works now...even without the camera films play with sound....and are smooth going so...all the mucking around was worth it in the end....aperture crashes still.. o just one thing more ...when using the darwin bootloader screen...dont forget to go into diskutil and rightclick the leopard partition....then information...check if it says disk0s1 or sumthing....when i entered mine in and if found the installation...in kept mentioning that it couldnt unmount the disc and couldnt update....that with an internal drive ...im running leopard from a usb external unit...infact....my dvdrw drive was usb and i took the drive out and installed it internally and now im using the usb enclosure for a hard drive.... anyways i was able to update the darwin loader ok there....but it didnt boot on its own for me....i install acronis disk director or summit and it has the acronis os selector with it and it found my leopard and now i can boot into it without the aid of the disc....i have vista and xp alongside it..in a nice bootloader for all three os.. so there ya go...maybe now whoever has my spec can get leopard working now.. sorry for the long schhhpeeallll but looking at it now...it was worth the hassel.. BIg thanks to whoever made the iatkos_v1.0i disc and the guide...to punk92 for making my geforce 8600gt card work..just installed it...no mucking around with changing stuff.. look forward to hearing from you all....let me know if whoever has the same spec..had any problems too.. cheers guys!!....you rule! and thanks to insanely mac forum for making this possible..youve made this guy a happy man! night all..