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  1. WOW - Xbench

    I see that sme thing, can anyone help?
  2. kernel_task at 100+%

    can you show me your resent post please?
  3. kernel_task = 110% CPU usage

    bump :/
  4. kernel_task = 110% CPU usage

    lol, do you know how to fix it though cuz i use my ati kext for my graphics card...
  5. iLife 08 (GarageBand, iDVD, iMovie) crash on AMD

    Everything EXCEPT garageband are working on my athlon x2 3800+. This kinda sucks cuz that's what i wanted to try the most, lol.
  6. kernel_task = 110% CPU usage

    i have this exact problem! someone help us
  7. no internet connection

    i also have this problem. mines is the Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC and it wont get recognized. Sorry for hijacking your thread, ferrybotte.
  8. Mac OSx86 wont boot in VMware

    i get this too. Please help.
  9. Restart Message

    Well the iso that i used was Mac OS X 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 [JaS 10.4.8 AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2.iso + JaS.10.4.9.Combo.Update.Intel.SSE3.zip and that doesnt have a custom install thingy but i did check to install the amd stuff and the ati cards stuff that applied to my machine. I dont really know what the problem is. I installed it on an external hard drive but i dont think that has anything to do with it, lol.
  10. Restart Message

    i have this exact same problem! Can someone help us? The message just states that there is an error and i have to reboot by holding down the power button. Please help
  11. Hello. Can you guys please make one? or can you direct me to other podcasts about hackingt0shes, lol, ? Thanks