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  1. HWSensors project

    If somebody say to me where and what looks i can provide feedback.
  2. HWSensors project

    Wow, great! I can finally read temps for my Xeon E5420, putting the kext, from first post download link in /extra. Unfortunatly it shows only 4cpu temps avaible, instead of 8. Is it listening is infos only form 1 processor? Or is this another kind of bug? And last... nope to see FB-DIMM temps?
  3. GeForce 9600 GT

    Are the fan correctly working on snow 10.6.3? I fell like its get stuck in idle and don't oush air anymore...
  4. Hello, have not understood how to do this... 1 HD leo & Chameleon RC2 2 HD Snow & Chameleon RC3 From one of this cannot bot the other.... error with extra folder different files obviously. I think i can chainloader them with GRUB, but cannot made test now, so... ...someone have do this? Someone know how to do it? Any idea is appreciate. And thanks for support.
  5. orByte you are the man! Will report the install on my system when I found an HD. Thanks!!!
  6. Me too and i'm out of the game that seems harder than change some plist... ...but can this help? Can be a similar problem? I have do this post only to say thanks, for the hard work you are doing.
  7. [Aiuto] Hackintosh 8 core

    Informatevi però prima se SL va... Ad esempio nella mia schedamadre Snow non trova l'ACHI, poco male alla fin fine la workastion, con leopard va da paura, (sia app che usano 8core che 64bit... mi capita di veder usati 12BG o giù di lì nei rendering...) Però vedo diversi topic sul forum internazionale riguardo a parti di workastation o problemi simili... secondo me se puoi aspettare ancora un po' a montare la bestia, magari è meglio, almeno cerchi di avere la compatibilità piena con SL e stai a posto 5 anni... ...il rischio è quello di dover restare su leopard con un computer nuovo che non sarebbe il massimo. (sebbene la 10.5.8 mi sembra solidissima e paradossalmente nettamente migliore di vista 64 e win7 (beta))
  8. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...152566&st=0 Here there are some, but not the macpro2,1.
  9. I have tried unsuccessful a lot of kext in this days but nothing seems to work. Have tryed to install from leopard 10.5.8 full working... and i can get only "still waiting for root device". ON LEOPARD, when same issue is coming i have forced the root device from the bootloader, and then on the system installed charmelion. But seems we have no way to see the HD so to force the rd... ...and then? USB disk are correctly recognised by the installer... maybe we can use the dongle usb port in our board to have an ""internal usb"" device. @jonnysab - i can boot the retail DVD with -s and i think any of us can do it but after can you explain better your method to get into snow? @danicavini - I use an external usb device for audio, so never tested if the internal one is working are you on leopard or snow? Because if you are in snow say us how you have reach it! @all - open to collaborate to get this system working.
  10. Creative SB PCI128 sound crackles

    Hi, Same sound card 0x58801274... any one have an idea of what kext we can try to look?