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  1. Random Application Crashes

    Looks like it's the Logic Board...
  2. Random Application Crashes

    Now I'm having graphic problems with artifacts and redraws... Oh, and another thing... System is taking ownership of newly saved files.
  3. Random Application Crashes

    That was an older crash, but I have everything up to date now.
  4. Random Application Crashes

    My Hackintosh is currently more stable than my MBP; something about that is just not right. I've ran memtest several times in single-user mode, ran Disk Utility, cleared the caches, erased corrupt preference files; I tried everything I could think of. Bottom line is everything keeps crashing, and cannot figure out the cause. These errors do not occur only with Safari or iTunes. I sometimes even have problems with Finder crashing.
  5. ACPI error.... Trying to restore my AppleACPIPlatform.kext now...
  6. Install Help - Hangs on Login Window Start

    Could be something with your video card.
  7. 10.4.10 Upgrade Sucessful

    Any luck with SSE2 yet?
  8. What type of graphics card are you using?
  9. 5200 PCI hanging at Loginwindow (black window)... Any ideas?
  10. Kernel panic due to Graphics driver

    Hmn, doesn't seem to work... 5200 PCI
  11. 3D Fuzion Geforce 6200 PCI

    Anyone have any clue? I'm stuck using the built-in 8 MB {censored} on my motherboard (which only works in thousands of colors).
  12. I cannot boot into OS X with this card. Has anyone else had luck? Using the default drivers, the computer freezes at the boot screen. Using Natit/Titan, I get the message: Could not make a display match start(display) <1> start(display) <1> failed
  13. Intel Wireless driver

    Could not boot into OS X with the latest iwi2100... dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt
  14. Setting up a web site?

    They definitely registered those on purpose.
  15. OSx86 on Xeon

    Nocona users: Which boot flags are you using?