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  1. I was looking around at ahci compatible sata controllers to buy so I might be able to get this working and came across this thread over in osx86 forums. http://www.osx86.net/10-8-mountain-lion/18823-ip35-e-no-ahci-mountain-lion.html Will this kext work? I would try it myself, but I gave up on it for a bit and installed windows 8 on my raid drive. So to try it I would need to reformat etc. @SheldonDDOS you should try that kext and see if it fixes the issue. It sounds like it may. But I'm not experienced.
  2. @verdant I read in a few places that raid implies ahci. So if you set the configuration to raid on a non ahci compatible board.and install windows, get the raid controllers device I'd and enter it into the AHCIPortInjector.kext it should find the devices. Can you confirm this? I would try it myself, but I have already switched to raid, reformatted and lost my SL and windows partitions and tried to install lion and mountain lion twice... Thing is, I didn't know about the port injector at that point. I was just wondering if anyone could confirm that this may work before I wiped partitions for a third time. Thanks.
  3. Looking back on my last post, I can see that it is a bit scatterbrained without much info. I am... a bit frustrated. Heres my specs: Asrock n68c-s ucc nforce 630a chipset ati hd5450 512mb gfx 2 120gb sata2 drives heres a shot of what im getting:
  4. I am having the same issues. I have been through every guide I can find here and none of them are resolving this issue. I have tried both lion and mountain lion guides, but I always get stuck at this point. I have put the applenforceata.kext 64 bit from imk in the s/l/e folder, booted up with almost every flag I have seen in this forum and still nothing. I was told by theconnactic to set my sata config to raid because my board doesnt support ahci. I did that, reformatted both my sata drives and still nothing. I am at a loss. Can anyone give some advice to this issue? <img class="UMSRatingIcon" id="ums_img_tooltip" />