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  1. ksong

    [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

        you should use orinoco
  2. hi cyclonefr i try mod my bios ,but failed ,can u help me ? galacy512m.rom.zip
  3. offcouse,i use x38-dq6,everything works for me
  4. ksong

    ATI Radeon HD (2x000) Device ID's Wanted!

    somebody work with 4.10.3kernel
  5. oh?my god?why i cannot?i try again????
  6. i install the driver under 10.5 9a499,but it is not work
  7. it everythink is just working fine! DVI with CI/QE full res! but atidisplay not works,i use macosx 10.4.10
  8. i use samsung 931bw ,the best resolution is 1440x900, but i can not find the 1440x900 in displaysettings
  9. because of my lcd screen use 1440x900
  10. hello bronya how can i changer the screen resolution like 1440x900?