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  1. darcagn

    Pwnage for iPhone Released!

    I upgraded my phone to the latest 2.0 firmware (5A225c) and everything is working fine, except... I have no signal. It just shows the lowest possible signal and no AT&T logo. I downgraded back to 1.1.4 and it works fine. Anyone have any ideas? EDIT: Nevermind. I think I have found out how to fix it.
  2. darcagn

    A missed spot on leopard;)

    It never did it for me in Tiger. :-\
  3. Sure they do. If you buy a copy of Leopard, $130 minus the cost of packaging goes straight into their pockets. If everyone bought PCs and Leopard copies and Mac sales were 0, perhaps they might not be able to sustain doing this forever. But if someone was never ever planning on buying a Mac, it's pure profit.
  4. darcagn

    Software Update

    It's a server-side issue. Remember, Leopard isn't released yet, Apple can take down the Software Update servers.
  5. darcagn

    Leopard leaked!

    Same here. :-\
  6. I doubt it's fake if it's on TL. And it probably is ISO because of scene rules. It should work fine.
  7. Post the "Welcome to Leopard" PDF.
  8. Kallis does. He already posted files on the pink piggy forums that prove he does (files off of the DVD, not faked screenshots like Kiko). Unfortunately the pink piggy seems to have gone down...
  9. I have good reason to believe that the GM will be on the internet by tomorrow.
  10. darcagn

    Leopard a Service Pack?

    I don't know what's wrong with Paul Thurrott. I've read his site many times over the years, and I think he does a fine job. But despite his claim of being a "huge fan of both Apple and Mac OS X," he really comes off as a hater. In his Leopard page he claims that Apple's OS software has costed $750 over the years (6 releases x $130) but what he fails to realize is that Puma was free for Cheetah users, so that's realistically only $650 (5 releases x $130). Purchasing a copy of the best (and only) version of OS X costs $130, whereas the best versions of Windows have costed $300+. If you bought every version of OS X since its existence vs. buying every version of Windows since OS X's existence, you would roughly be paying the same amount. Now, if you were making an individual one-time purchase, OS X wins out at $130. I personally prefer the release-often schedule that Apple has with OS X. It keeps my computer up to date feature-wise and I always feel on the cutting edge of technology vs. Windows users still using the same OS they were using in 2001. But Paul forgets that until XP, Microsoft released fairly often, too. Windows 95, 98, Me (00), XP (01), not forgetting that 98 was supposed to be 97, and so forth. Then he claims that Apple has "absolutely nothing" like Microsoft's Media Center and Tablet PC functionality. Uh, ever heard of Front Row or Inkwell? Admittedly both of these aren't as mature as Microsoft's products, and Inkwell isn't even used, I wouldn't say that Apple has "absolutely nothing" like that, as if Microsoft is some innovation machine. I honestly don't think Vista had much improvements feature-wise over XP, so I don't see why he'd be making fun of Leopard by calling it a "service pack."
  11. OK. And I have 10.6 Ocelot. I used the Leopard beta's Time Machine to go into the future and get it.
  12. If you don't stop calling people names, I'm gonna tell the mods on you!!!
  13. Please stop entertaining these guys. They don't have Leopard. Period.
  14. darcagn

    Leopard leaked!

    It's fake. Read the post above yours.
  15. darcagn


    I'm not talking about 559, I'm quite aware that it's available online considering I'm running it right now. Yes, the iTunes scrollbars. Watch the Leopard guide video on Apple's website. He's running the GM. He even has the uberproof theater chair Front Row icon. He runs iTunes and proves you wrong. Mods, please lock this thread.