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  1. Help please! Screwed Up Hybrid MBR

    I'm sorry if it was! I am really new to this forum. I do not think i have UEFI, My motherboard's DG31PR, its quite old. Also, mac boots up perfectly fine ( which is on my 2nd HDD) and i can't find any good free programs that support recovering data . Photorec recovers data but it dumps all files in a single folder(includeing system files) ! That was good as not having anything!! My windows partition does show up when i boot up using a linux live cd, but it shows its already present!! I guess the MBR is screwed so it won't boot. And i don't know how to fix mbr through Linux/Mac I did read this tutorial, even mailed Rod, but couldn't figure out what to do safely. Can i write a new partition table using gdisk or will that spoil everything? P.S. I only need to make my windows work ! i dont care about anything else!!
  2. Help please! Screwed Up Hybrid MBR

    Well, it is a little urgent when you stand to lose the whole of your music/ image collection . Change wasn't really required you know.
  3. Okay, So I had made an hybrid MBR and installed Mac on the first and Windows on the second partition. After sometime, i started having problems with mac, so i overwrote that partition with the latest version of windows 8 beta. Now when i finally got another hard drive, I installed lion on that. Everything was fine till then. Whenever i booted up mac, it kept showing me disc not recognised ( the hybrid MBR disk) so i did the biggest mistake of my life by clicking repair And then poof ! everything was gone. I've tried lots of tools to recover my partitions ( there were 3 totally) but failed! Then I came across this awesome piece of software called gdisk (GPT-fdisk). But i'm unsure how to use it properly. When i run it, it says the following: 1) MBR: Hybrid 2) GPT: Present