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  1. Thanks olegischinski! After many days of tinkering with this I've got a 10.8.2 ML installation that: Doesn't require a Boot Stick to boot. And I got the chameleon countdown timer working so it doesn't just sit there by adding the following lines to org.chameleon.boot.plist: <key>Timeout</key> <string>10</string> Internal audio working. Although it does tend to pop a bit. I'll probably buy an USB DAC. Any recommendations? Most of the monitoring kexts are working with istats, except CPU temp. At one point I had working CPU temp but I can't figure out what broke it. Once I manage to break something it's a jungle trying to revert the changes with all these different paths for kexts: /E/E, /S/L/E, inside FakeSMC, etc. Especially when a couple of clicks in multi.b can mess everything up so swiftly! Any hints regarding the intel thermal kext? Maybe a method for finding offending kexts? I'm running on a 512GB Samsung 830 SSD. Initially I only got around 110/130 MB/s out of it in the Black Magic disk speed test. After tinkering with TRIM and getting the disks to show up as internal instead of external I'm seeing speeds around 200/250. I guess this is more or less the limit of SATA2? Any recommendations for a fast compatible PCIe SATA3 card? Thanks!
  2. Isn't 130 write way to slow for a Samsung 840 on SATA3? I get ~200 write / 250 read with my Samsung 830 512GB on SATA2 in Black Magic. Are these numbers unrealistic?Is Black Magic giving me false data? I'll try some other benchmarks when I have time. I used to get around 110/130 before I started messing around with the disks being displayed as external, TRIM, AHCI, etc. @CJP2: Is your SSD displayed as an external disk? Have you enabled TRIM? Maybe try to get these things + AHCI going and report back with new Black Magic results? I'm still interested in which PCIe SATA3 card to get for maximum performance on 10.8.2. Please share any results and leads you might have!
  3. What speeds are you getting with this card? I'm getting 207/258 MBps on SATA2 but I'd like to get the most out of my Samsung 830 so I'm looking for a suitable SATA3 PCIe card. With the price of these cards varying from $20-$200 I figure the cheaper ones might not perform as well as the more expensive ones. I don't need 4 ports and raid, only one port, full speed and trouble free installation on 10.8.2. Any recommendations?
  4. I've been at it for hours now trying to get the internal audio going without success. I'd very much appreciate some further guidance. Here's where I'm at: Two methods are mentioned in olegischinskis post: Patching the Lion AppleHDA.kext Using toledas ML preview AppleHDA.kext requiring a different DSDT I've mostly been focusing on the first alternative (because it sounded easier). The correct procedure to get working audio on the E7AUM is probably buried somewhere in this thread? I've been trying different kexts, patches, injections, etc. all night. Could someone please point me in the right direction?
  5. Thank you olegischinski for pointing me in the right direction! I managed to install Mountain Lion on my E7AUM last night. I followed this guide to create the ML stick, with the exceptions mentioned in this post and everything went fairly smooth. I did browse through the guide before but figured it was just another guide to finding and restoring InstallESD.dmg. I attributed the deviations to the guide being for a partition and not for a USB stick. My bad! I was tired after reading so many long threads on this topic, most of them with similar and out-dated information. Maybe I'll try to assemble an updated guide for Mountain Lion on E7AUM? A guide that's not spread out over so many posts. But I still didn't need chameleon-rev2050.zip? What is it for?
  6. I'm new to hackintosh and starting out with an E7AUM board seems to involve a bit of a learning curve. I've been trying to follow olegischinski's post #1849369 but I need some more guidance. I've created one usb stick with mountain lion and one with ChameleonMLBoot.dmg. I can boot from the Chameleon stick where I try to launch the OSX installer. The first error message is about "library kext com.apple.kpi.iokit not found.", followed by a bunch more kext errors, cpu panic, etc. I'm guessing I should be using the chameleon-rev2050.zip file somehow? The procedure linked to in olegischinski's post doen't seem to mention this? I started out using the ###### method where I got the OSX installation started, but it always failed.