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  1. Yes i hear the hard drive turn off and restart with press reset to restart pc
  2. I have the same problem....at the line usb pc is lock hard-disk and not go on
  3. I try this evening with other sata controller "marvel" ......possible my controller in the motherboard not recognize i try and reply in the tread
  4. With Amd Liano A6 3670x apu lock on usb strings......with latest clover usb this only problem of kext or kernel?
  5. Sorry for my english... Yes in the desktop i have atifact with 10.8 10.8.2...10.8.3 etc ------- in game e in benchmark all ok with the kernel on first page Work video vlc Skype with videocall with only add this string in info.plist in amdradeon accelerator i tried 5850 5870 5830 and 7870 xt taiity
  6. I have a Ati 7870Xt With amd piledriver this card work with artifact only in desktop.... for work in game i add the string of my card in amdradeonacceletaror.kext In Cedar game card With This Trics??? In lion 10.8.3 work all game Glbenchmark etc with any artifacts
  7. ok i have found the flags but i have steel waiting for root device........ i try installing dp1 with this kernel
  8. Enoch Bootloader

    Salve ragazzi anch'io stesso problema di artefatti ho provato varie schede sia ati che nvidia non capisco se il problema e mountain Ho provato 3 ati 5450 e 5830 e 5870....2 nvidia una 610 low profile e una 560gtx
  9. Problemi Grafici mountain lion 10.8.2

    -niente Ho provato annche con GraphicsEnabler=No Stesso rpblema Ho provato anche una 4870 stesso problema non risco a capire......
  10. Ciao Ho un grosso problema grafico striscie strane e testo incomprensibile in safari, ho provato varie schede "gt610, 7300 le ati 5850 5450" e riscontro sempre lo stesso problema non riesco a risolvere... se qualcuno vuole darmi una mano grazie