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  1. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Nope, disabling GI didn't work It still booted to a black screen with a underscore in the top left.... Here's my edited config.plist (zipped) : config.zip
  2. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Ok, disabling GI and crossing my fingers and toes
  3. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Wait, so how do you turn off GraphicsInjector?
  4. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Can't I just set GI=No and then boot or is GI necessary fit boot ? If so, how can I do this? I created the clover USB with the bootdiskutility in windows but it doesn't give an option.
  5. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Ahhhhh I see now..... so unless Apple chooses to support APUs, the graphics will never work. Another idea: For those getting a black screen when trying to boot clover (Like me!), i think i may have found the cause. I was reading through the Clover documentation, i found this: I'm not sure if this is the cause, as I am inexperienced, but if anyone with more experience could care to comment...
  6. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Is it possible the graphics included with the APUs get support in the future? Also, Is it possible to somehow "mod" the amd open source drivers for Linux to run on OSX...
  7. I'm trying to install mountain lion on a amd apu laptop with niresh and although I've tried all the flags (amd, GraphicsEnabler=No, -v, -x) all it does it show some text (too quick to read) and then the screen flickers and dies. The lights don't even show CPU activity. Please help. Edit: the computer just reboots Edit2:any idea how to incorporate the clover bootloader into this? Im using the niresh iso and easyBCD to add it to the windows bootmenu as instructed in the guide
  8. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Thank you! Waiting for my friend to come around with his MacBook:)
  9. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Tomorrow sounds great, thanks man
  10. AMD APU mountain lion support

    @pmmc, could you post a small guide please.
  11. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Ah well, calling me a pioneer got me pumped (im a noob at this) going to buy lion disk anyway
  12. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Can this be done with iAtkos? Cause if I want to first see if my laptop is compatible/stable enough to be my daily driver than switch to vanilla, which is apparently better
  13. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Some help please, I really want to try hackintoshing
  14. I have a question about why mountain lion will not run on amd's APU. In this thread (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/281450-mountain-lion-kernel-testing-on-amd/page__st__1560) it says it will never be supported. Can anyone explain why some people have APU support in snow leopard and not in mountain lion?