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    Dual display problem

    Macbook Pro Retina Late 2012, Mavericks 10.9 DP2, HDMI Output to TV Samsung 46" FullHD Same Problem when connecting the HDMI cable with the Macbook HDMI port. Screen starts flickering, is splitted into horizontal lines. Mouse cursor is not there where it's assumed to be. Clicking and setting some options in Multiple Display Options impossible. Hope they'll fix that in DP3, as i can't use TV as second screen at the moment.
  2. Hello, i spend my last days on building a custom mac with an UEFI only environment of OSX/Win8 64. The system drive is a ssd having Clover in the EFI partition. I made Windows 8 successfull to also use the Mac ESP as starting point. Having all the neccessary drivers for GA-Z77-DS3H and SandyBrinde Core i52500k with IGP Intel HD 3000 i have a working and stable environment so far. Even in OSX everything is working except of alc887 - but as i am getting an Nvidia GTX 6xx soon, it isn't prio 0 ! There are just a few things i'd like to improof: - Audio is not working. I get an HDA Sound Assertion in booting process, i tried with all existing methods. - When rebooting, my changes made to iOS Style Lauchpad (subfolders, group order) are gone - sleep is followed by an unwanted system reboot. (system beep after mouse or keyboard action) - my graphics onboard device is an x112 HD 3000, but Clover EFI boot process reads out an HD2000 64MB and gives that streight forward to OS-X. (no big deal, as i upgrade with an NVIDIA soon) - when i change UEFI VGA Shared Mem to e.g. 1024(default 64) OS-X is working on, but Windows 8 boot option just leads to a reset. (Clover?!) I would appereciate if anyone has some minutes to get me some fresh ideas or suggestions. System: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Intel Core i5 2500K 16GB Corsair Venegance 1600Mhz SSD + HDD Clover UEFI Boot