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    can we get back the apple logo on boot?

    Woot! Thanks, would've have never found that post, or tried that solution. Spang1974
  2. spang1974

    can we get back the apple logo on boot?

    Updated to 10.10.2 and cannot get this patch to work anymore. Anybody else see the return of glitched second stage boot screen? Spang1974
  3. spang1974

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Thanks:) Thanks:) I own an iMac 12,1 and it has: 108, DM66 Spang1974
  4. spang1974

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Getting close: iMac (21.5-inch Late 2012) 661-7102 Logic Board, 2.9GHz, i5, 8GB, HDD A1418, EEE Code: DYWD,F504 Now to find the board type number:( Spang1974
  5. spang1974

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    1). How are these numbers being generated? I have done multiple searches, and read over 100+ pages of posts. Still no clear answer. 2). How are the generated numbers registered with Apple? Is it just a case of calling Apple ans saying "Hey my MLB and ROM numbers are not registered? 3). I have a valid serial number registered to my Hack, do I just change the ROM and MLB in Clover, then reboot, and login? Should any files be deleted? Spang1974
  6. spang1974

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    if it helps: Number of Bytes making up the MLB .... 17 Number of Characters in the string .... 17 Your System Type .... iMac 12,1 Last four digits of OSX S/N .... DHJF First five hex values of MLB .... 43 30 32 31 31 First five string values of MLB ... C0211 Last three hex values of MLB .... 36 31 44 Last three string values of MLB ... 61D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14:MLB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 000000: 43 30 32 31 31 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx 36 31 |C0211xxxxxxxxx61| 000010: 44 |D| Spang1974
  7. DangerMouse76, I got the same issue. Im gonna try and reinstall?Did you ever get this fixed? Spang1974 Edit: Went ahead and reformatted the partition and reinstalled. That did the trick:) Yosemite now boots with absolutely no issues using standard Clover configuration. Have updated, and restarted several times without a hitch.
  8. spang1974

    Mac OS X Mavericks Successfully Installed on GA-B75M-D3H

    All GA-B75M-D3H Owners/Users, Has anybody here had any luck getting USB 3.0 to work properly? I can get my USB 3.0 ports ( 2 X Integrated ont he mother board, and 4 X PCIe Card) recognize in the system report as USB 3.0 Superspeed Bus, but when I connect external drives to them they don't actually read or write at speeds above USB 2.0? Any body here using this board and OS X 10.9+ able to get their USB 3.0 ports to achieve better than USB 2.0 speeds? And please how did you do it? Spang1974
  9. My drive is always recognized as USB 3.0 Superspeed Bus, it just doesn't actually transfer at speeds greater than USB 2.0. It doesnt matter if I use Apple's Kext or Zenith's generic one. I have tried ALL the different Bios settings available with no success. Spang1974
  10. Makes Total Sense:) I only put my mac to sleep.....never, so I am not sure if this has anything to do with my (and the others whom I have had feedback from)problem. Lots of restarts since I was trying different solutions and BIOS settings, but no Sleep. I think what really convinced me is that if I boot into my ML 10.8.5 test drive I have a complete working system with USB 3.0. Looks like I can only hope this problem affects enough Hackintosh's or a Mavericks update suddenly has a native fix. Thanks for the heads up, I have been looking for a solution and asking for 3+ months now and have not had that much response from most. Spang1974
  11. For the software side I used the following apps to measure speed (i would be happy to use any suggested though): Aja System test Black Magic Disk Speed Test The hardware side of things was done by using the the integrated USB 3.0 ports and: Touro USB 3.0 500Gb external drive SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive I am aware I will get varied read and write speeds, but the results I get are below what I would get with ML installed or if I used USB 2.0 ports. I get write speeds on my USB 3.0 below 20MB/s and read speeds above 80MB/s with Mavericks. I have a test Drive with Mountain lion 10.8.5 installed on the same system and get Write speeds on my USB 3.0 ports above 160MB/s with the same hardware and bios settings when selecting that test Drive at boot. As soon as I upgrade the test Drive system to Mavericks I lose those write speeds. I realize this problem is not a big deal for most but figured I would throw the info out there as there has been a lot of work done on getting USB 3.0 to work and even updating it for Mavericks specifically. Spang1974
  12. Hello All, After discovering my own USB 3.0 ports were no longer writing at the correct speeds, and spending a good 3 months trying to figure out a solution I have given up looking. It seems that Mavericks 10.9.0+, the genericusbxhci kext, and Gigabyte motherboard GA-B75M-D3H (GA-B85M-D3H as well) will allow the ports to be used and even appear as USB 3.0 ports, but they will not write or read at speeds above USB 2.0.. I have verified with others using the same board as me and they have the same result. I was first hoping it was just a cable problem or even drive malfunction, but after switching out both for different cables, and alternate drives but got the same result. I have also tried different Bios, different Bios settings, using the genericusbxhci kext, not using the genericusbxhci kext same result. I had correct write and read speeds with USB 3.0 along with Mountain Lion 10.8.5 , but not with Mavericks:( I am wondering if the affects a small number of boards or is it more widespread. One of the biggest things I have come across is persons not realizing their USB 3.0 was not functioning properly because they either dont use it or dont use it for large amounts of data, I only noticed it after I got a new drive to use for my Time machine backups, and realized it was going to take 9+ hours to backup my machine. I am very happy with my machine, but there is that part of me that let's these little and almost meaningless problems bug me. Regards Spang1974
  13. My USB 3.0 was working properly (since I first built it) with Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (without GenericUSBXHCI) and was reading and writing at speeds greater than I got with USB 2.0, it was not an issue to backup 300-400GB to my external USB 3.0 drive. Unfortunately once I updated to Mavericks 10.9.0 the write speeds dropped to under 20Mb/s. I ended up not noticing this until I updated to 10.9.2 and decided to do a clean complete backup with Time Machine. The drive is still recognised as USB3.0 and says it's capable of "Up to 5 Gb/sec" instead of the "Up to 480 Mb/sec" , I realise speeds are never this high. The USB 3.0 drive actually gets better speeds from my USB2.0 ports, yet still not as high as they were with Mountain Lion. I have tried using the different versions of GenericUSBXHCI.kext and without it. I soon as I had a chance I reinstalled 10.8.2 on a test system, and the drive immediately started writing at speeds greater than 80Mb/s. I then upgraded to 10.9.0 on my test system and the drive went back to writing at under 20Mb/s. So anybody have any advice? I was wondering if anyone else had noticed if their USB 3.0 was actually working properly? Is it just this motherboard? Am I using the wrong kext? Did I need to change any bios settings once I updated to 10.9? Spang1974
  14. Thanks, didn't even think of that? Must be working too much and not playing enough:(
  15. Could anyone out there post/upload the "Stock" AppleUSBXHCI.kext file from OSX 10.9. I deleted mine by accident (don't even remeber doing this or why I would?)and cannot locate a copy of the unpatched version anywhere. My USB 3.0 ports were working fine with my HGST Touro USB 3.0 drive but now I cannot get them to write at USB 2.0 speed. Even with the GenericUSBXHCI installed. Cheers Spang1974