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  1. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Sorry I'm officially out of it, I sold my Vaio to buy a MBP. Good luck guys!
  2. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    That's wonderful news! However, you've got to notice that's an F22, NOT an F11/12/13. I'm not so sure the method they used is the same we have to use.. maybe it is, and if it is. WOOHOO!!!
  3. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Whatever it is, they'll never tell. XD
  4. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    The nvidia/intel switch would vaguely make sense, if we had vaio Zs or something. The PM55 in the Vaio F doesn't have support for intel video at all.
  5. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Of course, the nvidia driver was modified for sony laptops to handle that - it used to be why you couldn't use a stock nv driver, and you can these days since they integrated that functionality into their package
  6. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    That would be the SNC
  7. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Yep. Seems like we've either already covered it or hit a dead end :\ On the plus side you can probably still get $700-800 for an F series if you sell it I'm trying to hold out till fall, might just replace the damn thing with a MBA, I know it's a bit of a jump and my reasons for wanting to sell it don't really have much to do with running OS X on it (because I didn't buy it for that, that's just the fun part).. but I do prefer OS X and as much as I like the 1920x1080 screen, seeing my battery life go down about 1% a minute is beginning to drive me insane.
  8. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Yep, for those that haven't checked, there are 2 things I like using aida64 for: (1) You can right click status bar -> ACPI tool, use [find] to locate the ACPI device you want and query with the arguments you want to bomb it with. So far the only things I've managed to do are turn off wireless and turn off the screen (can't remember which exactly turned wireless off, or why anyone would want to do that). (2) Right click status bar -> Video debug -> Video BIOS dump. It works. Save it as your video card's device id (like 10de_0a29.rom) in your /Extra folder for Chameleon and you'll be able to use the UseNVidiaROM=Yes flag in Chameleon RC4 or RC5. Doesn't seem to make a difference. Frank I can't test outputs because I don't have an external monitor (well, I do, but it's an oldschool ADC cinema display lol) Also not sure that bombing PHSB is handy (PHSD is what SNF3 leads to anyway). The problem is that turning off the backlight, you can still see your screen (which is never the case with OS X and the nvidia drivers). Edit: We already know that the LCD is located at address 0x0110, so if we can switch the output to that, we might be ok. Also, if you enable screen sharing and log from VNC or another mac, then reboot WITHOUT using nv_disable=1 (so that the screen shuts off), ever notice that 1680x1050 (a mode not available to chameleon) shows up? One thing I find interesting about running it without nv_disable is that the machine doesn't heat up or crank the fans up like it does with nv_disable haha. FWIW Both windows and OS X call the display PNP09FF, in windows if you go into device manager you'll find it in the information about the display, and in OS X it shows up in ioreg as LCD@110 with PNP09FF as its name. So annoying The MS_0025 is a code for a canned EDID for 1920x1080@60hz (it goes MS_0001 to MS_0040 I think). I feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over and over and over in this thread, but that's really not the case - I just keep going down a maze and ending up at similar endings XD Random {censored} from EDID utility: ManufacturerID: 32566 (0x7F36) ProductID: 37 (0x0025) lol big fat edit: Frank I just realized that all the {censored} I was digging out of the ioreg dump was from your DSDT, lol. Nice
  9. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    edit edit: You can mess with values in the ACPI tool in Aida64 too, but it's not really doing anything (I did manage to shut my wifi off and lose control of the brightness keys!) No changes in brightness. No magic screen shutting off, and annoyingly I can't see what values are being changed when I hit FN keys Too bad. Maybe acpi_listen + ubuntu livecd is a good route. Edit: Nope Edit: Calling PHSB with the arguments 0xDE, 0x00 turns the backlight off in windows (ouch!). You need to sleep/wake it to get it back on lol. I can't figure it out otherwise. I'm tired of messing with this lol
  10. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    You're right, probably no use there. You know what's frustrating? There's nothing at all about Vaios in the source code for nouveau (that linux video driver that works great with our machine!) Did you try using everest to dump a vbios file? Right click the status bar in everest and click video debug -> video bios dump That usually works.
  11. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Frank that's exactly why I was itching to mess with Chameleon RC5 (yay! got that!). And 20brains, my apologies! That's exactly why I made that thread (and somehow forgot to post the kexts lol), sorry about the trouble. FWIW: You really shouldn't have to reinstall OS X over a bad kext or something, it's usually recoverable Will get back to ya'll later Got some stuff to do atm, Frank I'll try -your- kexts when I get back and let you know You may be right about the video firmware, EFI firmware is a bit different than BIOS firmware (for graphics chipsets), but laptops also handle gpu firmware different than desktops do... mm can of worms. Pretty familiar subject for those that like to use "PC" video cards in Mac Pros There's always that "BIOS update" Sony released to make the fans in our laptops more aggressive, it's still floating around out there and I believe it's a full EFI update - the gold might just be in that. Meh. AMI Aptio is fairly new compared to Insyde H2O and well.. all the oldschool BIOS firmware out there. One thing though - even without the nvidia drivers, the nouveau linux driver works with the vaio F 'perfectly' on a stock ubuntu install. I still wonder what ACPI calls they were making to do that.
  12. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    20brains, you could tell us where it's hanging when you use -v, but chances are that using these will fix it: http://prasys.info/legacy_kexts_by_nawcom.zip I forgot to mention those in my other thread >>
  13. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Frank, I tried your list of commands above and keep getting "No data" as the response. :\
  14. Guide for Vaio F series users

    The internal display issue is one that has an entire thread dedicated to the issue (several actually!) - you can actually use any mode supported by the bootloader (1280x1024 and 1280x800 for example). That still sucks, but it's better than nothing. As far as I know, the HDMI/VGA ports support QE/CI on any resolution, although that may take some tweaking (take a look at the DSDT thread for details). Ethernet and audio? There was a recent post about a combined ethernet+audio fix.... I have yet to actually get that to work! Audio yes, and I'm not the only one I know of that has kernel panics more often when using voodoohda.
  15. Guide for Vaio F series users

    Hey everyone, About a year ago, I posted a thread with a guide for the F series - times have changed (rather drastically), and for the sake of saving your time (along with solving a few "WTF?!" questions), I've made a list of kexts that work and solve lots of problems. A good starting point is the Mammoth Boot CD sourced from his Vaio F11 thread. I would have gladly continued that thread, but so many things have changed and Mammoth is no longer updating the 1st post to it. Why? It's a great source for files. If you mount the CD, go to Installation/Extra and all of these things will work great on your Chameleon USB boot stick (if you're using one), or a CD, or your hard drive.. or whatever. Go to the very bottom of this post for the latest DSDT that works really well, thanks Funky Frank. This Atheros driver works great (no need for patched kernel), but in 10.6.8 you'll need to make sure you have the latest SMBios.plist first (below). Thanks VaKo. I've attached copies of the latest smbios and org.chameleon.boot.plist files I'm using (org.chameleon.boot.plist replaced com.apple.boot.plist in your Extra folder) Install those to your USB boot stick (or your Extra folder) before using the wifi driver or you will have a nasty time in 10.6.8. Nuff said Newest FakeSMC goodies are here. I'm currently using the kexts from Release_10.6_rev493.zip Hope this helps you guys somewhat! Be sure to visit the DSDT thread for the awesome new developments that continue to make the F series ever so slightly more useful in OS X Edit (8/8/11): I forgot to mention this, but you'll need these. if you're using 10.6.8 (or Lion, I assume): http://prasys.info/legacy_kexts_by_nawcom.zip (from http://prasys.info/) smbiosandchameleonbootlist.zip