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  1. Need Help with G5 Mod (late 2005 model) Front Panel Wiring!

    Hi, I've been offline for ages and only just read this sorry but your welcome to use it on your site! BTW, hows macmodders.com coming along? Cheers Will
  2. Need Help with G5 Mod (late 2005 model) Front Panel Wiring!

    So, now I'm past that confusion I'm ready to solder the cables onto the contacts. Seeing I just want the Power Button, Power LED, Audio Port and USB Port to work (no FireWire) I have made a diagram that I think will let everything work (except FireWire) [Note: There is a deliberate double 5 as contact pads 5 and 15 are in fact double size single pads] From what I've heard I should only need only a single GND on the front panel connected to GND on my motherboard (apart from Audio GND) for everything to function- is this correct? Let me know if you see anything that is incorrect. Thanks
  3. So, Im doing a G5 (late 2005 model) case mod in which I plan to use the original front panel for the Power Button and Power LED (and other connections which I have figured out) As you might know this is the model with the difficult front panel with no simple connection- no probelmo, I can work with it but I have become a little confused with the task of getting my motherboard to work with the original Front Panel. Heres a diagram of the G5 front panel pinout- 01 02 03 04 05 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Audio USB Firewire Button/LED unknown 01: Audio Left 02: Audio GND 03: Audio Right 04: ??? 05: FIREWIRE GND (double) 06: USB VCC (+5V) 07: GND 08: GND 09: FIREWIRE TPB- 10: FIREWIRE TPB+ 11: LED 12: Firewire FW802C IC VDDA (+3.3V) 13: ??? 14: GND 15: FIREWIRE VCC (double) (+12V) 16: GND 17: USB D- 18: USB D+ 19: GND 20: FIREWIRE TPA- 21: FIREWIRE TPA+ 22: BUTTON And for my motherboard- So what I'm confused about is connecting the Power Button and Power LED from the motherboard to the front panel as on the front panel pinout there is only 1 connection for the power button and power led but on the Motherboards pinout there is 2 connections for each- how can I get them to work? Any help on this would be great! Thanks