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  1. Fotógrafo Marco Antonio


    I need help to configure corret rulerset to IPFW. I want redirect every call to external server (internet), to local server (localhost or
  2. Fotógrafo Marco Antonio


    What it means? add 12316 fwd ip from to keep-state via en2
  3. I manage a small hotspot for internal access (intranet), but every logged have external access (internet). I want block this internet access - e.g.: www.uol.com.br be fwd ou redirect (i dont know the difference), to or (en2), internat OSX Server's page (home.html). Could be in future, user access internet with some privileges. It's running: Radius Service to authentication DHCP Service for IP. NATD and Firewall to NAT hotspot. The ISP (, rote to in D-Link router connected in (en0) in OSX Server. OSX Server's NIC (en2), is connected to WiFi Router with (where users log) The OSX version is10.6.8. Mission: FWD or REDIRECT or or DIRECT all www calls to OSX Server page ( Only allow intranet access Forbbiden internet or extranet acess
  4. Fotógrafo Marco Antonio

    OpenGL only Works AFTER Single User

    the "-X" option bypass a load of kext and load in safe mode. It mean that OpenGL will not work, Airport, sound and so on will not work too. What boot do you use? Do you boot from CD on it's just instaled in HD? Luck!
  5. Fotógrafo Marco Antonio

    Nao consigo instalar Geforce 8500GT

    Qual o fabricante de sua placa?
  6. Fotógrafo Marco Antonio

    Intel High Definition Audio error in 10.6.6

    I use AppleHDA.kext from Tony. I see the hardware information, but the sound is not enabled. My mobo is a DP55WB When i put a USB sound device, the sound works fine. It's the first time that video work 100% and 8 MB RAM work fine. Why not sound too?! I need help! Thanks a lot! Marco Antônio - Brasil - Aracaju (northeast)
  7. Fotógrafo Marco Antonio

    Driver de Audio Snow Leopard 10.6.5

    Você conseguiu fazer seu 10.6.6 reconhecer o som na sua MOBO? Minha config é: GeForce GT 240 da EVGA funcinando 100% 8GIGAS de memória 100% reconhecida ethernet 100% motherboard DP55WB com processador i5
  8. Fotógrafo Marco Antonio

    Sucess! iATKOS 2.0i and HP a6040br Chipset SB600