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  1. Hey, It was my GPU, i was able to boot with some other kernel, then installed kexts for gpu and now rc3 works fine! Thanks!
  2. The kernel i was using seems to be Rc6. Rc3 doesnt work for me.
  3. Thanks, currently made it to installation with an amdfx kernel from niresh 10.9. Will try the Bronya kernel after installation Thanks again!
  4. Hey Guys, Sorry for not reading this thread but I have a quick question. For 10.9.1 on AMD FX6350 With HD5450 , which kernel should i use? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hey guys, As with most things for us as AMD guys , it is very hard to get a virtualbox working with osx. However I did manage to get a working virtualbox installation some time ago, with this bootcd: http://www.filedropper.com/empireefi <-- EmpireEFI FOR AMD So what you are going to do : Download this EmpireEFI , Virtualbox and iATKOS S3. So you will boot the bootcd, swap the iso with iatkos iso and press f5. now select the iAtkos disc , type -v and boot it! no extra commands needed after installation, you will always have to boot the HDD through EmpireEFI. Hope this helps! Bitcore
  6. it worked thanks only had to find some other kexts for my gpu but I did find them (; Happy Birthday Andy!
  7. Guys with Bronya's fully working kernel for 10.8 can i update to 10.8.5? By using single updates and rename the kernel so it won't be overwritten? Thanks
  8. I used iATKOS ML2 aswell, and this is where I found the kernel: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Patched_Kernels (scroll down to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and find Bronya Fully working Kernel ) Another thing that is really cool is that audio timings are good now. Logic Pro used to give AudioBuffer errors and samplerate problems with my usb soundcard all the time, but with this kernel I can finally use it Bitcore
  9. Dude this kernel works like a charm. Running the most stable and fast 10.8.2 that I ever had! And no graphical problems at all I even got my old HD4650 working full QE/CI. This is suitable for daily usage for sure! Bitcore
  10. Hey guys, I've just finished a new build for AMD osx development. It has a fx-6350 cpu ,Gigabyte 970-ud3 mobo, 8GB ram , HD 5450 1GB GPU and a 200GB HDD. I heard there is a fully working kernel by bronya? Is it true and where can I download it? Thanks Bitcore
  11. Hey guys, How does the 5450 silent work these days? Bitcore
  12. So is there any way to make openGL work with HD4XXX? I tried a openGL testing program, and it passes all tests! However I can see the 3D box it is rendering till openGL 1.4, every version of openGL >1.4 is invisible. I also get the red pixel error in cinebench. And when trying to play COD modern warfare, I get to load the level and as soon as the game starts, the game crashes. I can play minecraft, I made some openGL mods for Lens flares , liquid water and stuff (<- really cool D:) But these are openGL so these work fine.
  13. Guys, lets add something positive to this thread The HD4890 also works with dual-dvi!
  14. Bitcore

    [AMD] Working Builds!

    CPU: AMD FX-8120 3.1GHz Motherboard: ASROCK 970 Extreme4 RAM : 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz SATA: 1X 250GB USB 2.0: Works USB 3.0: Works GPU: XFX HD4890 (Exotic patch) LAN:Realtek RTL8111E (works after patch) Sound: Hercules DJ Instinct (USB DJ controller with build in soundcard) (Works OOB) Bootloader:Clover EFI rL1050 10.8.2 Mountain Lion : Booting with only "npci=0x2000" using mach_sse42_only kernel. No problems at all, fully works! -can anybody fix the layout of this? I am not seeing what i am doing wrong :s-