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    Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    moarfish, Thanks for sharing your notes. I was able to get everything running with Chameleon 2 RC1 on a GA-965P-DS3 v3.3. Have you had any luck with RC2 since your last post? I'm affected too by the CMOS bug and it's a bit annoying. One interesting note is when I boot in 64-bit mode, my wireless stopped working. The card is a PCIe 802.11n normally recognized as an AirPort card in Leopard and 32-bit Snow Leopard. I was stumped until looking through the output of kextutil. The message was that the Atheros drivers were not available for a 64-bit architecture. Is this intentional, or did Apple not have time to write these drivers for a 64-bit kernel? Oh well. From reading a bit, it seems that the 64-bit kernel doesn't buy you much unless you have 32GB+ RAM anyway, so back to 32-bit for me.