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  1. 10.6 / 10.5 Asus P5P43TD Pro Help

    Hi everybody! Got myself recently a second (of fifth?) rig and thought it would be nice to have SnowLeo installed into one of the HDDs. So, I google it for two minutes and found out this topic on Asus P5P43TD Pro mobo. My question: is there any way to have a crystal smooth install on this mobo with Hazard's 10c540 build? Can't get out of my mind how easy was to install Jas's Tiger on P4s, back in the hackintosh haydays I used for a while several hackintoshes, til I got a real Mac. But I miss so much the fun I enjoyed during early Kelyway's, iATKOS and iDeneb distros, with minimal patching and tweaking... So, this is the config: -P5P43TD-Pro mobo (factory bios ver.) -Core2Duo E8400 (clocked at 3,41GHz for the moment, using stock cooler) -4Gb DDR3 - 2x Kingmax FBGA Mars 2GB DDR3 1600MHz CL7 (setup at 1509MHz CL9) -many (I think 5) SATA2 HDDs (non-RAID yet), one last diehard dinosaur Ultra160 SCSI HDD+controller (not intended to be used with OSX) -GF9800GT 512RAM -museum Creative Audigy1 Platinum Ex (try to see if it dies before me) -huge Corsair pwr suply, well cooled case, etc -USB optical drive -garbage PS2 keyboard, USB mouse (both used with a KVM for a second comp) This system is intended to work half a day as a win/linux server. And yes, I'd like to have configured SATA as IDE, and yes, I'd like to use Chameleon 2.0-RC4 and yes, I'd like a fully functional x64 Snow Leopard, thank you. I would'n mind to use the onboard ALC887 for OSX either. I downloaded Hazard's DVD, booted with F8 flag cpus=1 just to see what's packed inside... And this is where the funny part starts... Any suggestions? Big hug to insanelymac
  2. With all the respect... mister... I also own the original os-x driver (bundle CD). It is NOT suitable for Leopard! I'm not a geek, I'm a designer. Otherwise, problem would be solved by now... Nevertheless, anyone can use it on Windows (all versions, including Vista and Win7) Cheers
  3. Me too. But I'm pretty sure it's NOT the Leo driver. Or is it?
  4. Driver suitable for Leo? Does anyone try it yet? This is the question!
  5. A contract is an exchange of promises between two or more parties to do or refrain from doing an act which is enforceable in a court of law. The parties must have the necessary capacity to contract and the contract must not be either trifling, indeterminate, impossible or illegal. Contract law is based on the principle expressed in the Latin phrase pacta sunt servanda (pacts must be kept). Breach of contract is recognised by the law and remedies can be provided. Sometimes written contracts are required, such as when buying a house. However, most contracts can be and are made orally, such as purchasing a book or a sandwich. Contract law can be classified, as is habitual in civil law systems, as part of a general law of obligations (along with tort, unjust enrichment or restitution). Vikipedia Remember those cowboy-movies? "They gotta' contract on your head"
  6. The spotlight turns to notebooks

    I'm pretty sure of that. Cause no matter how good and nice these brand new laptops are, something's VERY wrong about them. "Buy the most beautiful and simple laptop on the planet and some hundred extra cables next week!" Is this Job's new concept about wireless? I've never understood why Apple sales cables and expensive accessories instead of just great hardware... I mean I know why... My life is full of accessories already and I got 61 different kinds of cables at home! (count them one day) Is somehow the new line of laptops too cheep or too easy to carry? How many companies selling computer cables at $99.00 do you know? What about the older cables? What about the environment poem? And how about the 17" users? Santa is gonna miss them all this year I love and I hate in the same time my Gillette razor. Buying a new blade reserve is like buying a new razor. And that's why I think I'll wear a beard in the future saving my money and the planet... I hate this "better and more affordable" abracadabra and the "environmental commitment" stuff. Mr. Jobs, that was a smart move! But far from perfect! People want to use the laptops, not to expose them!
  7. My personal osx86 story!

    The best "thanks" I've ever seen There should be a better "hotspot" on this forum for hackintosh beginners like a, b, c steps. Nothing comes easily. Everybody knows that. This community is great help. But I think the only way is to make it even better. At the end of the day guys like Astronomy might be the future geeks for the next gen. osx86 Join the club bro
  8. R.I.P Prawker

    In this community no battle is lost in vain! Rest in peace, Prawker
  9. I like that part. Steve like it too, some time ago...
  10. Oh boy! Lawsuits again on the frontpage... Samo, samo... Wish I had seen new ideas and discussions about the issue... My point of view on the matter is HERE and HERE The only new concept to chat about is the chance of turning OS-X "back" to proprietary hardware... which will presumably end the free great publicity for Apple on the InsanelyMac-like communities... which is so ...implausible... because it's so wedded to it... and because it works so well so far. Hackintosh convinced me to buy a real Mac, not Apple! Maybe Apple and all the Psy-companies will go all the way... and make some light around here... This time it's big time!
  11. So It's finally here... The first hackintosh to beat the JaS hackintosh... The new JaS hackintosh (...and I won't miss this one...)
  12. First thing first! Due to my profession (brand development and graphic design) I must kindly ask you if osx86 really wants to be a brand or not?! (not just a simple web community with a nice logo and a good website)... I won't lecture you about branding. It would be out of line; I supose not many of you share my job. I guess everybody knows his/her job, whatever that is. But the symbol (or the inappropriate term "logo") is more than a beautiful sign with a name associated, and branding is no monkey business! A branding (or re-branding) programme is a 4 step process: a preliminary study, the construction of the brand, the communication of the new vision upon the brand and the implementation of the brand. It's anything but an one man show! For more detailed info you can pm me... Nevertheless, as far as I've seen, several designs are WRONG WRONG WRONG from the very first jump. (No offense to the designers) 1. This a respectable web community with a respectable website. Why then should the symbol be so sarcastic, or suggesting the software piracy? Do we really encourage the piracy? or do we laugh about what we do here? That doesn't mean the symbol shouldn't be funny! 2. Many designs I've seen are already copywritted by Apple! And you don't wanna mess with Apple, don't you?! You use/modify the Apple symbols (designs, pictures) in any manner, without Apple's permission, you must stand trial! A personal avatar is one thing, but an official symbol of some organisation is another! Also some desingns are somehow "Leopard oriented". The osx86 project didn't start with Leo, nor it will end with Leo. (I hope) 3. Only few designs do have a single colour version. The single colour version is the main version of the symbol. I won't comment on the quality of the desings, in terms of concept/composition/finishing. There are some interesting ideas... Being an open competition of design, everybody is welcome to participate. But the branding and the graphic design should be left in the hands of professionals. And I don't think that's a money problem. There must be some members who can do the right thing for free or a small sum in their afterhours. You wouldn't go under the knife unless the surgeon has a license! Killing the look of insanely mac is no difference! If you agree with me, I'll be glad to help.
  13. Stange, but I've noticed that too I hate to accept it, but the screen on the MacBook Air looks MUCH better! (i.e.) Toshiba delivers better displays for the same money comparative to the MacBook. And I was looking to buy myself a MacBook and/or a Thoughbook... Something very portable that can run even osx... But MacBook Air is out of my options I think I'll wait for Xmas and see what happens... Maybe psyboyz will design some "miraculous" OpenBook till then
  14. Duuude... You gotta see one of my Hackintoshes first...
  15. It might be fun talkin' around american issues, but this gets REALLY ugly and I don't like it anymore... So long.