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    ATI 4650m and the 1600x900 LVDS via eDP

    maybe it's the same problem found on any vaio with that card.. In my case with Lion, 4650m and 1920x1080 internal lcd I can only use safemode with 1400x1050 as max resolution and no QE/CI, in normal mode I've always had a gray screen with artifacts at login prompt..
  2. azmod

    ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 on Sony FW

    Has somebody been able to successfully run one osx version (10.6, 10.7 or 10.8) with correct gpu driver for 4650m on vaio? or can point me in right direction to achieve this? about ATY_init connectors what 'means' when I get a lightgray display with artifacts in internal lvds? currently I tried with many framebuffer injected via chameleon flag (shrike, gliff, birds,..), but nothing changed and dual link patch in dsdt but again same bahavior need help or hints, is there also some tweaks to use for dsdt patching for intel PM45 motherboard and core2duo? (I've applied some common patch found on olarila.com but here too nothing changed) thanks for your reply update: tried also to inject an other EDID (by using monitor override), and again, nothing changed, the new EDID I inserted is correctly load, I can read the new monitor name when booting in osx using safe mode in System Info. I took edid from Windows (using ELDIM-EDID-Viewer and choosing the first profile listed as 'MS_0000', 'Default_Monitor' profile gives error when the program tries to read, with MonInfo.exe I have an error on program start up when tries to read edid, in Ubuntu all the utilities to read EDID give errors)
  3. azmod

    ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 on Sony FW

    Hi, I'm trying to run OSX Lion (iatkos L2) on Vaio FW46Z (Core2Duo T6500, 4GB ram ddr2 800MHz, 4650 mobility 1GB gddr3, 1920x1080 dual lamp laptop display). After installation about nothing work.. no keyboard/mouse, no audio, no wifi, no ethernet, no correct display, no gpu hardware acceleration.. after some days I managed to get kb/mouse, lan, and audio but still a big problem with gpu.. currently I can't boot without SafeMode (-x flag) and in this mode I can only enable a 4:3 res of 1400x1050 by forcing it with "Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32".. yeah seems that is max allowed res. When booting in normal mode after verbose logs I get a white/gray display and after some seconds on screen come some artifacts.. I have not tried with external monitor. I'm using ATY_INIT and no Graphics Enabler (I tried all that can be found here and in other topics on internet for lion with also ati4600controller and other ati kext but no lucks ), with GE enabled can't boot.. this gpu seems working with any osx version with any laptop except the vaio, as I know (don't know if it may be relevant) the only difference is that the one on the sony laptops is underclocked (450/600) and undervolted (1.0V instead of 1.1V), someone here has get it working in some ways? also without QE/CI? hw info are the same found in this topic.