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  1. How can I set a headphones, microphone and speaker format as a default at 44kHz? It always reset to be 96kHz when I restart os.
  2. Shutdown problem

    Check -Bootloader (default) -Graphics Enabler (default) -Kernel Cache (default) -AHCI SATA (default) -Disabler (default) -EvOreboot (default) -RTC Patch (default) -Mac Pro 3,1 (default) -PS/2 -Laptop Battery -nVidia's 10.8.2 drivers -Network(default) Uncheck -Sound
  3. Shutdown problem

    Sound is working only shut down problem. I'm very considerate for your help.
  4. Shutdown problem

    I removed AppleACPIPlatform1067.kext and replace your two plist file at Extra folder. Then rebuild kernelcache (tick at Rebuild cache) with Kext wizard then reboot. After that It's still not working and sound is also gone -- there is no output device selection in sound system preference. FYI, I actually did not select sound device during install process. I installed VoodooHDA 2.8.0 by myself after installed MacOSX and I had a little problem which is disturbance sound that always occur during music playing. Please find attached my new Extra folder and new Dump file. http://www.sendspace.com/file/ebpnqs DarwinDumper_2.5.8_Chameleon_2.1_ML_tredsiam.zip
  5. Shutdown problem

    FYI, I just realize that my laptop is not even shutdown after put your DSDT.aml in Extra folder. So I tried to remove DSDT.aml then I can shutdown properly again but It still remain a main problem which is a turn on problem. this is my Extra folder. http://www.sendspace.com/file/n8n8sa DarwinDumper_2.5.8_Chameleon_2.1_ML_tredsiam.zip
  6. Shutdown problem

    It has been not working. FYI, my Extra folder is available and appear in mac os drive. There are a little files and folder there such as Keymaps, Themes, smbios.plist and so on. but there is no DSDT.aml. So I copy your DSDT.aml file to Extra folder. FYI, this my system information, extra folder, /s/l/e folder and EvOreboot.kext file. EvOreboot.kext.zip
  7. Shutdown problem

    This is my DSDT from your command. PP. I just changed filetype to be txt cause I haven't permission to upload .aml dsdt.aml.txt
  8. Shutdown problem

    I did, but the problem is still remain.
  9. Shutdown problem

    It's still not working. My problem is after I shutdown, Everything is turn off. but I can't not press power button for turn on again.
  10. Hi all, I installed Osx86 10.8.2 by iATKOS ML2 into my toshiba satellite l745 laptop. Everything is fine (sound (VoodooHDA 7.4.6), Wired, Wireless, VGA) . Except when I shutdown without unplug battery charger. It will not able to turn on. If only if I pull battery out. I will work again. So what should I do? Thank you