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    Can only boot in safe-mode

    I have tried with another (also older) screen, same story. Can it be because the resolutionsetting is at 1920/1080 (the old setting for my screen) and that the other screens can't handle that and there for goes black?
  2. Jkidaz

    Can only boot in safe-mode

    I tried both ports, same story. No, sorry, I have not monitor with DVI input at my disposal. So my next step is to get another screen?
  3. Hi My Hackintosh has been working great for 2 years. Not anymore.. What did i change? - Physically moved the computer. - Changed my screen for an older type. If I try to boot normally, I get as far as the Mac-logo spinning and after that - BLACK SCREEN. I have an external soundcard which seems to light up though. I can boot in safe-mode using -x. I used to use a Full HD LCD screen. The new(old) screen is Dell, and it is a lower res screen. Can this be the problem? I have tried to change screen resolution in safe-mode, but without luck. It is stuck at 1024/768, and that is also the only option i can choose. I am using a GTX275 with a DVI to VGA converter. Running Hazard 10.6.6. I hope you can help me. Regards