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    High Sierra Suplemental Update

    Gurqn`s method worked fine for me but from recovery partition terminal since single user was unusable for me(just froze). Hopefully Nvidia will get their {censored} together.
  2. What is the right thing to do if i have a plextor nvme ssd which requires the aditional patch which syscl wrote some time ago? Should i edit the 10.12.x.plist and add the patch then generate a nvmehackrfamily.kext based on the modified .plist, or ? Thanks.
  3. Thank you guys but unfortunately the above didn't work. Anyway i figured the problem out and my guess that is the video port configuration because if i unplug 1 monitor of the two, it boots fine and works and if i plug the monitor AFTER it booted up, then both works, basically i just need to boot only with 1 monitor. My motherbard has 1 vga 1 dvi and 1 hdmi. I use 1 hdmi and 1 dvi but with dvi-hdmi cable so maybe there can be a problem? Is there any fix for this? Thanks!
  4. unfortunately it just freezez at this screen, just like when i do it with "inject intel" and correct "platform-id"
  5. Motherboard is z97-g43 with vga-hdmi-dvi and I'm using hdmi + dvi. I didn't set because it picks up iMac 14,2 automatically but I will set up one anyway.
  6. I guess you wanted just the dsdt but i've zipped the entire origin folder + config just to be sure...thank you! origin+config.zip
  7. Hello, i know this is a long discussed issue but i really don't know why it doesn't want to work. The cpu is I7-4790 with intel hd4600 and i've set the ig-platform id to "0D220003" in clover with "inject intel" ON but in this way it doesn't even want to boot. If i disable "inject intel" in clover, it boots with 7mb video and all of that. I even tried with fake id "0x04128086" and platform id but no luck. Any ideeas, what i can try? Thank you!
  8. But as far as i know, JUST for the INSTALLATION of Sierra, the kext clover patches will suffice, right? i don't need anything else. HackrNvmeFamily doesn't work for installation, right?
  9. Hello, i will ask a really newbie question because i'm not finding any consistent info. If i want to make a clean install of Sierra 10.12.3, for the INSTALLATION part,do i need the ionvmefamily.kext in my usb installer kext folder? Or the clover patches should be enough? And if i need the .kext, does it need to be a specific version like from beta or the version i plan to install? Thank you!
  10. robE

    Clover General discussion

    I've installed 3923 and works fine, just wanted to report the problem. Thanks!
  11. robE

    Clover General discussion

    I`ve updated clover to 3944 and now my monitor goes to sleep after boot(after it finishes loading). If i don't use nvidia web drivers, i can boot but no graphics injection at all. Any ideeas?
  12. robE

    macOS 10.12.1 is out!

    I can confirm the new build number (16B2657) but even my MacBook which I have updated with the standalone updater has this build number
  13. Everything seems fine here with f04 on my msi 960, although the second boot stage is somewhere down in the left corner ;s
  14. I don't know what apple did after 10.10.3 update but now it just works, without any real mac serial or anything, i hope it's not a "bug"