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  1. Actually, this solution has strange behavior, with some installation of OSX it works, with another doesn't work(on the same computer).
  2. How did you do that? I can't make it work with 10.10.1. The thing is that everytime I have turn forward the time in BIOS to make time correct in Windows 7 or Debian Linux 7.
  3. Hi, what to do with your clover-EFI-folder.zip attached archive after installation(f.e. with niresh installer)? Just to replace EFI folder with your EFI folder?
  4. How to change and resize boot(not login) logo on OS 10.9?
  5. Triple boot help

    Well, I FINALY managed how to boot OSX 10.8.3 from grub. It's need manually to add to /boot/grub/grub.cfg: menuentry "MacOS X, chameleon" { insmod hfsplus set root=(hd0,1) multiboot /boot } If something existed about OS X in that file before it has to be replaced with what I wrote above(hd0.1 // 0 -- number of disk, 1 -- number of partition where OSX is installed, in my case it's hd0,1). And do not do update-grub after editing that file(if to do update-grub the configuration will be overwritten and not bootable for OSX, and will have to be edited again). And grub has to be installed not for the whole hard drive but in the root partition / of the Linux and that partition should be flagged as boot(f.e. using gparted to do that). I had to do chroot by Debian-live wheezy(because I restored Debian system partition with Clonezilla live-usb to already created ext4 partition without bootloader) in installed Debian / and to execute "grub-install --force /dev/sdXY"(X -- hard drive, Y -- partition of root / of Linux). I had also reinstall chameleon on a partition where is OSX installed. I installed chameleon in booted OSX, the package of it is here(during installation of it it's need to choose to install bootloader to OSX partition, NOT to the other partition). It is on a BIOS(not UEFI) motherboard with installed Debian 7 and OSX10.8.3(updated from OSX 10.8.2 iatkosML2). Here is a scheme of disk partitions. So, there are options in grub now to boot to Linux or to OSX(or Windows, if it was installed somewhere).
  6. Triple boot help

    Yes, I know that ssd is faster than hdd. So what?
  7. How did you get xar, because I cannot find xar on Debian repository. Is there another program and command which gives the same result? Anyway thanks for posting it. I just did dmg2img OSX10.8.2.dmg OSX10.8.2.img without using xar and it worked.
  8. Triple boot help

    Again, why exactly 500GB and not 100GB or 300 GB or 800Gb? Why ssd and not hdd(do you mean another separate drive where is chameleon installed, well I don't have any ssd drive)? That is strange. What a difference? I just don't get it. And what do you mean installing grub to / partition -- f.e. for a hard drive(/dev/sda or /dev/sdc or /dev/sdc) or on a root partition where Linux system is installed(/dev/sda1 or /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1)? And what type of grub do you mean -- grub-bios or grub-uefi?
  9. Triple boot help

    Thank's for answers.
  10. Triple boot help

    What is the exactly name of that file(O.C,B.P)? And what permissions to set for it(just for any case), f.e. from linux command line?
  11. Triple boot help

    What is O.C,B.P, and where is it located? Is it a file?
  12. Triple boot help

    Ok, I see. Talking about chameleon. Is it possible to make an option for chameleon that it boot by default Linux, Windows or OSX, and to choose a time of waiting(idle for 3.4. or 5 seconds or immediately). If it is possible, how to do that?
  13. Triple boot help

    You mean that chameleon will boot Linux only if a Linux bootloader is installed on a separate physical hard drive?
  14. Triple boot help

    But I want to install right now Linux and OSX on one hdd and to have a grub as a bootloader for both systems. Is that possible?