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  1. So long story short once upon a time 4 years ago I was running OS x on this pc! Well, it never worked again... Not sure how to go about it now I had tried dozens of times and it never worked again! The specs: Q6600 Asus P5K Deluxe Nvidia 275 GTX - First question can OSX install from the IDE dvd drive? I believe its run off a j-micron chip set... - Second question, am I looking for Lion or Mountain or a leperd install for compatibility? - Third can some one guide me through this? I read allot of guides about making a recovery from a mac on a flash drive bla bla bla I don't have a mac!!!! I'd love to burn a DVD click install add some ketxs and be done with this! It has to be easier then it was in the old days! I know you guys are like ugh... another n00b just Google! I have read allot of guides but none mention the IDE issues or what ISO to use ect. Thanks for taking the time to help!