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  1. Ok got it working!!! Via DSDT edit. Full resolution and full acceleration and DUAL SCREENS!!!! PM me if if this thread is even alive still.
  2. when I unplug and replug the monitor thats not working osx does its display refresh thing when it detects monitors being plugged or unplugged, so the operation is working fine just no picture coming out to 2nd display.
  3. I am having same issues. I am running a Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti 1GB RAM. I am using both DVI ports with DVI cables only. I could not get this to work at all! Then last night all of a sudden on a reboot it started working!!! But I did not do anything but a hard reboot (OSX crash). I then rebooted into the OSX usb installer (######) to do a quick hdd image and even in the retail installer environment I had dual screen display!!! Then reboot back into OS still working. Then later on shutdown PC to go to bed. Wake up today, turn on PC, and what do you know... lost my dual screen display. Back to only one display at a time and not able to detect the other. WTF!!! This is driving me crazy! But it has to be possible as it was working with dual screens for over 6 hours. To be continued....
  4. Hopefully someone can figure this out for me. Yesterday I came to my hackint0sh to find it wont boot. Grey screen crash on startup. But cant see any reason why when I go into verbose boot mode. there are no KP's or anything I can see out of the norm. Initially the boot would stop at; ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start – waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement))timed out I then booted into single user mode and used applejack to repair permissions and clean up cache files, etc. Now when I boot I can see that I dont get above message but rather that it initialized ok. But now I get message Waiting for DSMOS and never progresses. Also if I let it boot into normal graphics mode I see the blue desktop that you see before the login window pops up but I never see the login window. And it seems to flash between the blue desktop and then the black command/verbose screen every 5 secs or so. And when it does this you can see in top most left corner the grey position cursor character (just a rectangle block). So its liek its almsot there about to switch to the login window but something is preventing it from continuing the loading. Then I found if I restore a backup from 1 month ago I can boot the system fine! But if I then repair permissions on this restore I go back to square one! Cant boot system anymore. So I have a troublesome kext I'd say. But I am unsure how to find the culprit when there isn't really any error output in verbose mode. Anyone have any suggestions? Do I need to do something like chown -R root:wheel / (to the root of the drive)? Thanks in advance. P.S. When I repaired permissions there were alot of repairs. Mostly the info and/or version plist files within the kexts. I can upload what files where changed as I captured the output using script command.
  5. Out of interest do you remember/know the details/specs of your buffalo PCMCIA card? Maybe the issue I am having with this Apple Airport card is that its just stuffed.
  6. Well I thought PCMCIA releates to the physical hardware and the Airport Card fits into the card slot in my laptop. however I dont really know mac hardware well. Plus I suspect you could be right in that the Airport Card (what ever it is) is not compatible with PC hardware. Guess I am curious if anyone has made a hacked driver to make such things work on a Hackint0sh.
  7. Ok so I haven't been able to find anything and fear the answer is no but wanted to ask before I put this to rest. I have a Airport Card (PCMCIA) from a old iMac G4. Then I have iDeneb (OSX 10.5.8) installed on a IBM Thinkpad T43 laptop. I have the cardbus slots on the laptop working as I can insert CompactFlash card and see it mount on the desktop and view its contents. So I thought I give the Airport Card a try but it is not detected. I figure this is because 1) Its not supported in x86 OSX or 2) Dont have right kext's to make it work. Does anyone know if I could get this to work on my laptop for WiFi use? Here is a link to Apple page with device I talk about. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1621 Cheers!
  8. Ok I am having trouble getting this to work correctly with my laptop and OSX 10.6.3. I have installed iATKOS S3 version2. I have not installed any video drivers at all. Therefore using all stock. So let that boot and it gets up to login and a grey desktop and that's it. But thats ok because I dont expect it to work yet. Note: I do have pins 6 & 12 of VGA out shorted. Then I installed the ElliottAppleIntelGMA950LegacyEnabler.kext. Reboot still just grey desktop. Ok then I install the FrameBuffer kext and then it works. I get the welcome intro movie. Then I let that finish to get the setup screens and notice an issue again that I cant resolve where the colors are completely wrong or some other display issue. Anyway I fill in the setup and get to desktop and reboot. What I now see is what looks like initially the driver works then switches to a incorrect color depth. I let it boot and you get to the login stage and you see the usual blue color desktop. The screen flickers off, then on (still blue desktop), then off and on again and still blue desktop but then it turns to a greeny/aqua color desktop. Then 1sec later the desktop loads and the graphics are complete wrong! Does not look 3d at all. Looks flat and low color depth like 16 colors total. That or the color temperature is too hot? I have tried different GMA950 kexts, maybe a diff FrameBuffer, different IOGraphicsFamily.kext and ISDRVFamily or what ever it was called. When I say different I mean from 10.5.8 (iDeneb). Results are the same or not video at all. I have attached some screen captures of what I see although the colors in the pics are different to what I see on screen. E.g the picture with empty trash dialog window looks dark grey with same color Shadow around whole dialog window. I dont see that dark gray. More the normal white color dialog window and none of that surrounding shadow. Also what I see for example is the usual blue menu highlight color is actually pink. Command buttons that usally highligh in the shaded blue are just flat white. Anyway take a look at the pics. If anyone has any ideas or fixes I would be forever grateful. By the way I have installed iDeneb 10.5.8 OSX on this same laptop and everything is fine using this Legacy enabler and framebuffer. Infact I got all hardware working under 10.5.8. But something about snow leopard is different in how the 915GM is used. Hardware: IBM T43 Thinkpad laptop. Intel 915GM/GMS/910GML gfx card. ICH6 chipset. PS. Yeah in the pics you see a lot of gray and blue. But on screen that dark gray would be white and the blue fo the desktop wallpaper would be white and other items more pink. Very strange. But as I mention on initial login I see the correct color blue login screen/desktop which then switches to funny aqua/green color. So that make me believe that initially the driver works then switches modes?
  9. Sorry I will rewrite for understanding. I cant not get Snow to install to my laptop as I do not seem to be able to make use of the HDD (internal). Under any of the versions of Snow I have used I can not eject or unmount and because of that I can not format or install to. So I loaded up the iDeneb DVD installer (which is just Leopard 10.5.8) and I can open Disk Utility and format the partition (because it will unmount successfully). So after reformatting to HFS+ case-sensitive journel, I exit the installer and reboot and load Snow Leopard to install. But when I choose the partition that I formatted under iDeneb to install Snow to, it just sits there whith the progress bar doing that preparing state (the scrolling white/blue stripes, not the normal progress). I leave it and come back after an hour and still trying to initiate. So it must be a problem again with using the drive under Snow. So this is why I dont think its files being open that are preventing me from unmounting/ejecting to format under Snow. But rather snow cant work with the drive compared to plain old Leopard. Could it possibly be the AppleIntelPIIATA.kext or IOATAFamily.kext drivers? I have tried a different AppleIntelPIIATA.kext under iPortable, and it still loads up the OS but I still have the same issues not being able to work with internal HDD. Well I noticed I cant eject another USB external disks either.
  10. OIC. But is this a change since Snow Leopard? I use to run Leopard ok (iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8). That could format and all. Plus I just backed up and delete all partitions on the internal HDD. Then boot up into iPortable and could use Disk Utility to format the drive into 2 partitions and I select MBR for compatability for use of WinXP on part1. But after formatting complete I tried to unmount and get teh same issue again. Something has changed with Snow Leopard.
  11. Hey Kmand, I am have same or similar problem. I am trying to install iATKOS S3 version2 and/or iPortable 10.6.2. But I can not install to internal HDD as it is unmountable to format/erase nor can I install OSX to it. Its driving me nuts. Have you found anything more on this issue? Her eis alink to a post I made but no one has answered. Thanks. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=226605
  12. Hi all, Having troubles with HDD use in Snow Leopard (10.6.3). I am assuming its a issue to do with no AHCI support but could be wrong. So using a IBM Laptop Thinkpad T43. Has Intel 915GM GPU, Centrino 1.8GHz CPU, 1.5GB RAM, 40GB HDD using the intel ICH6 chipset. I started by trying to install the iATKOS S3 version2 DVD. I have a 26GB WinXP partition and the rest (~12GB) space to be used for OSX install. The DVD loads up fine and can use but when I open Disk Utility to format the 2nd partition to HFS+ it cant unmount the partition. I will shutdown and restart Disk Utility and this time just right click to unmount 2nd partition (FAT32) but it eventually times out saying it cant unmount and that to make sure files are not in use on the partition. I then used the linux distro PartedMagic to format the 2nd partition to HFS, reload the iATKOS DVD and then go to install to the drive but it just sits there. So next I tried iPortable on a USB pen drive (10.6.2). Again it loads up the OS and all seems to work fine off the pen drive in using the OS. Jsut slow. So using Disk utility again I try to format the 2nd partition on my laptops HDD but same as above problem. Cant unmount, etc. Some time ago I did have OSX Leopard on this laptop (iDeneb v1.4) and it worked. So I typed up this post as I am lost as to where to start in troubleshooting this issue. Been away from the OSX scene for some time. And hoping someone can shed some light on the matter for me. Not sure if its a AHCI issue, or needing a hacked IDE controller kext (netkas?), or my laptop is simply just too old for snow leopard? Thanks, Paul.
  13. Attansic L1 Driver Project

    @ Moly82 Sandr is just like me. I all looks to work except you cant ping or access the Internet. This is because the driver still has an error "MAC address through SPI is invalid". Read my first post further up for more details. You can see this error via a verbose boot up or typing dmesg in terminal. This is the last thing to fix before it might work. But thing is this might not be fixable with out re-writing the driver. And I assume this is what Xilin is getting at in his post just a little further up. A driver is attempting to be made but its very hard to code for this NIC and at the moment it only supports data being received not transmitted yet. With all the posts I over looked this as well. Whats really anoying is that despite the error I can still see a mac address assigned in ifconfig. I tried using a script I made to reassign the MAC address on bootup but it made no difference.
  14. Attansic L1 Driver Project

    Is there a ATL1E driver? I have not seen one for download. Only seen the ATL1 available.
  15. Attansic L1 Driver Project

    Ok I am a little confused as to what the issue is now and was hoping someone can clear my mind I have a ASUS P5Q Pro mobo that has the built in Attansic L1 Ethernet (Atheros R8131) 1026:1969 82261043. I understand many have said there is no driver for onboard NIC. I have taken teh Attansic L1 driver and editied the decive ID and what not in its plist file. The OS then detects the NIC and when I go to system network settings my NIC shows up, also that the cable is plugged in (green light!) and I can then go set my static IP addresses. Also in ifconfig I can see that en0 has the correct MAC address of the NIC. But as many of you will know, it still does not work. Can not connect to internet and cant ping. If I look at dmesg for the boot up process, we have the error that all suspect "MAC address throught SPI is invalid". So can anyone help my understand this error message? SPI as in serial peripheral interface or a firewall issue? Also what driver is resposible for this error. Is it the AttansicL1 driver or IONetworkFamily, or something else? I know I can buy a realtek NIC. I have one I can pinch from my other PC not in use. But thats not the point. I want what I cant have, and if I cant have it I usually take matter into my own hands and find a way if possible. Appreciate any advice people can give. DrP.