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  1. Hello gang. As stated in the title and description, I have a G4 case with PC innards (Gigabyte M68MT-S2P board w/ AMD Phenom II X6), and I'm wondering about possibly using the original Apple internal speaker to play regular audio, at least as an option. It would be lovely if it would behave the way it did natively, i.e. would play audio so long as no external speakers are plugged in. Would it be feasible to plug it into the front panel audio connector, for example? If not, I have an old Ensoniq sound card with various outputs, including a rather promising-looking "J8-SPEAKER OUT" (4-pin blue connector) on it. Problem is, I don't know how compatible the speaker would be with the front panel connector (don't even know what the two wires do exactly, nor which two front panel pins would be best - just the left & right outputs?), nor do I know how that blue sound out connector is pinned. I can't seem to find any specifications about that online. The other connectors on the Ensoniq card are: a green "J7-TAD I/O", a white "J6-AUX" and a black "J5-CD AUDIO IN", all in addition to the familiar green, blue & pink external connections on the rear. Any help in adding this finishing touch to the conversion would be greatly appreciated, and I'll get some images to post if people are interested.
  2. I've done something along these lines, actually - put the motherboard of a beige G3 Power Mac into a beige PC tower That was a long time ago already, but I still have it and have recently set it up with spiffy new(ish) hard drives, and I might be moving it into a nicer PC case soon.
  3. My setup is the DH55-TC board with a Core i5 quad-core, and it's an awesome Snow Leopard and Lion system. The audio works with most VoodooHDA versions, the ethernet with any patched Intel ethernet kext, both of which are easily handled by [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url].
  4. NVKush Not Loading?

    I have iDeneb 10.5.4, updated to 10.5.5 with the AMD-compatible package. System works, but it did kill my nvinject. I removed that kext and tried the current nvkush. The card is a 7100 GS with 128 MB of VRAM, so as far as I understand, I needn't generate plists for it. Is that right? All I know is that it's not working, at least for Quartz Extreme. I do still have a full list of resolutions, and I continue to be at 1680X1050 at boot. Was there something else to remove for nvinject to be gone? I updated extensions cache using osx86tools to be on the safe side, and later repaired extensions permissions with disk utility to try to get this working. Meh?
  5. N/A

    Never heard of the video card, but my experience with your NIC is, at least with iDeneb 10.5.4 installed, it tries to work, but goes super slowly. The high def audio might work - my own VIA high def chip worked with AppleAzalia.kext installed. Unsupported video in OS X is about as useful as using the generic VGA driver in Windows. I don't believe you can get above 1024 X 768, and the performance will be very poor.
  6. AppleAC97Audio.kext

    Ha ha, except those google searches don't turn up how to get the file in question. I find it's a consistent problem trying to find the kexts themselves to make things work.
  7. No kidding! The forums are full of advice for downloading torrents that run upwards of 4 GB and hacking info.plist files. Why is there no obvious source of drivers for Darwin? Certainly the DMCA doesn't apply to Darwin for x86, and any kext for Darwin should be happy in OS x86, right? It's nuts.