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  1. Help, I'm really desperate here :(

    My friend had the same issue, has the same Gateway computer. What we found was that reflashing the bios to one provided by Intel fixes a lot of things (there is a jumper on motherboard that needs to be set/taken out). In BIOS settings set HD controller to AHCI mode. The install method I used was to rip Leo onto a mac, run the Brazil patches (if I remember correctly). Before I ran the patch utility I edited AHCI & ATA .kext files and populated my PATA id in ATA.kext & SATA id in AHCI.kext under ich8 section. Once patch is ran these definitions will be put onto the .iso image which is then burned onto a DVD for installation.I got the same motherboard and both IDE & SATA work, sound needs a patch, on-board networking does not work - I am using an older PCI card for etherenet.I have not checked recently for updates, thhings might have changed.Found the post on how I got Leo installed...Bought Leopard. Used brazil patch method of installation. Before you apply prepatch edit AppleVIAATA & AppleAHCI in files/ext patch directory and put 610111ab & 80862821 respectively. Install DVD recognized all drives (IDE & SATA), no support for built in network, AppleHDA patcher needed for on board sound. Everything else just works .Issue not related to this motherboard that might help:I had trouble (and still do ) getting Leo to boot of disk. As a workaround what I found is that booting of the install DVD & letting it time out at the boot prompt (do not hit any keys) will actually boot of the hard drive. I think I just need to get the boot loader installed on the HD, have not figured out that part yet.Hope this helps.
  2. ICH8DH southbridge

    Hi, I have a Intell 965OT board that has the same ich8dh controller. I can not get it to recognize sata & boot. Got osx installed via vmware on dedicated sata drive. On my board IDE/PATA controller has I think id of 6101 but am not able to test it as I can not get os to boot navitely. Any hints on how I could get os to boot, bios settings, etc... Thanks..
  3. I've got an Intel DG965OT that has ICH8DH controller, 6 port sata. I could not get it to work using this ICH8R patch, IDE nor SATA. Computer locks up shortly after "uuid ..." lines, I'm using 1049 kernel, same kernel works via vmware. Device id 0x2812 is for LPC ISA controller I think, SATA reports as 0x2821. I'll try applying p5b deluxe package followd by ich8r.zip, maybe that clears the issue. Anyone got this hardware to work or suggestions I could try? Thanks