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  1. Vanilla AppleCPUMAnagement.kext 10.9

    Thank me later... AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext.zip
  2. DSDT Speedstep - Please help!

    Have you tried generating a SSDT using Pike's script? Clover is fine as well. Although, in my case, the c-states are not as effective in comparison to a SSDT generated with Pike's script.
  3. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Here it is. Reminder, just basic touchpad functionality, but it is smooth. VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip
  4. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    It doesn't seem to be pointer speed. I'm trying to see if I can fix it or at least find the cause since my other kext works fine, but it only works as a PS2 mouse so no multitouch functions. The cursor movement is just not smooth. The swipe gesture works find though.
  5. Mail-Update for Mavericks 1.0

    Works fine for me. Why don't you have the final release, build number 13A603?
  6. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Thank you. I'll test it. EDIT: It works for me in terms of scrolling, but the cursor movement is very jerky and not smooth at all.
  7. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Willing to post that kext?
  8. Clover General discussion

    I had to comment. Brilliant work christ1111.
  9. 10.9 GM Released.

    Well, there was a thread a few months back in which there was mention of the potential end of hackintosh. In regards to protecting the kernel, I could have said that myself, but I'm willing to say that I am at fault here since I could have been more specific. And lastly, perhaps I didn't read closely enough, but I don't recall anyone referring directly to Apple's documentation. In other words, most of what has been said in this thread has been speculation, especially in regards to 10.10. Facts or not, still doesn't change another fact, there will be a way.
  10. 10.9 GM Released.

    This is all that matters at this point in time. When it first noted that Apple was introducing kext signing, most went paranoid that it meant the end of hackintosh, etc. Yet, here we are, presumably a few weeks from the public release, and the process is the same as Mountain Lion, more or less. Speculation is honestly pointless because no one, outside of Apple, truly knows the reason why Apple has chosen to implement this concept; Apple hasn't even released any documentation about it. Plus, it doesn't affect hackintosh only because there are other third party kexts as well. Like Joe75 said, as I have said in the past as well, there is always a way.
  11. Everything logs in and works except iMessage

    Works for me. Try adding a payment options or changing your Appleid password.
  12. 10.9 GM Released.

    Not sure what's happening on your end. All those applications launch for me.
  13. 10.9 GM Released.

    Finally had the chance to do a clean install, vanilla of course. Not a single challenge.
  14. OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    It's for AppleSeed only, meaning invited developers; this is not a typical DP release. My guess is that the next build (DP 9 or GM) is close to a release for all developers.
  15. Because virtual machines require more resources in comparison to running natively and not everyone has those additional resources. Virtual machines are not as smooth as native systems.