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  1. Yeah i'm not sure what's up either. I've been Using Windows 7 for now. It's weird that it hangs there. I thought the same exact thing. Thanks for the help anyways. If you find something let me know. -Tom-
  2. So after a long break from OSX86 due to selling my Intel PC and at the time AMD was not supported by OSX86....I decided to give installing OSX on my HP DV7-3065dx a go. I was able to boot into my 10.6 Snow Leopard disc and went to town installing the OS. Formatted the drive. Installed OSX without a hiccup. Then I tried booting and the boot process hangs and I am unable to boot into OSX. Booting from the ModCD using the Legacy_Kernel parameter and it will boot, with limited features of course. Graphics seem to be a little messed up and WiFi isn't working. Which is funny because I installed the legacy kernel when I installed OSX. I have a video of the problem. It's quite long because I ramble but I could definitely use some help. I've tried re installing with different customization but no dice. Am I missing some kexts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q6cN0kLp8A Forgive the quality. its from my 4S. And me sounding like im a high college student. I was insanely tired and it was 3am trying to get this working. Specs of my laptop. Thanks for the help in advance guys. -Tom-