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  1. Only Bootable via Clover USB

    I think I may have figured part of this out by looking here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/271412-hackintosh-on-non-ahci-driveris-possible/ Im speaking of the running in "Raid" mode
  2. This is only My second successful OSX install since 2007- Im still very much a newb - I made a clover USB using BootDiskUtility v2.0.2014 rev.181b -- I installed OS X Maverick 10.9.0 - After I first installed I could not get it to boot using multiple bootflag methods - I Booted off the Clover USB - I quickly hit option #2 before it auto defaulted to #6 which I believe autogenerated an chameleon install and the OS X Mavericks account setup appeared so I finnished the install - Now OS X is only bootable through the Clover USB, when I push F12 for boot options, the drive is there but it wont boot from the HardDrive I have to select USB-HDD then boot into clover and Clover sees Mavericks - I double click on it and it boots right into Mavericks - My EFI Folder contains a "Boot" folder and a "CLOVER" folder - My "Extra" Folder has a com.chameleon.plist file and a smbios file with BIOS version tonysmack.com (i did not know about ol' t0ny's shenanigans until after i made this install) -I want to use Chameleon but clover usb is the only way it will boot into Mavericks - Clover installed chameleon from the usb when I pressed option #2 before it defaulted to #6 (also known as option #1) - I have windows 7 64 installed on a separate raid0 -I manually go into BIOS and change from AHCI to RAID when i want to boot into windows RAID0 partition - When I try to boot directly from the HDD that Mavericks is installed on I end up with --> (GPT.done) but it just hangs there --- Just being honest here, i think i could probably figure some of this out on my own but im kinda exausted reading through forums and feeling like Im wasting my efforts, so Im turning to the Professional's here at insanelymac.com for help Rampage Dev did tell me in the chatroom a couple weeks ago that Im using the wrong bootloader for My system, ( Nice dude, i really like that guy ) Im confused on what to do to straighten this mess out
  3. "Slow-motion" after iDeneb 1.6 install on AMD

    Out of Curiousity, why did you not select the 9.8 vanilla kernel? I dont know much about iDeneb but I think that i would have chose that just to see, Hmmm this post was back on the 3rd so i imagine you already got it figured out by now lemme know Hey isnt there a selection for the 7600 gs agp that actually works for all 7600's even the PCI-E Im gettin ready to install iDeneb 1.6 on an older AMD ECS 755-a2 mobo, this board is a lil difficult at times but it just takes some minor (sometimes major) tweaking I have a striker extreme which is extrememly difficult mobo to install on, that will be my next challenge Im thinking that your install has something to do with your CPU, Im not quite sure, would like to know if you got it fixed though
  4. Can't Get Leopard DVD To Boot

    Ive got 8 different computers here and Im gettin ready to try it on a am2 geforce6100 just a question have you tried the iPC 10.5.6 Universal PPF6? I know that this distro works with Nforce chipsets and I got it to install on the striker extreme Q6600 without a install problem but Im recieving panics ATM. Also another place to look at would be infinitemac.com they might have some answers as well
  5. 2009 Live DVD

    Im sure that Im gonna sound like an idiot to any that read this post I obtained an image iso live dvd 10.5.6 that ended up being 6.29 GB I burned the iso with MagicISO, PowerISO and then Alcohol 120% with My Dual Layer DVD-R and they all end up with the same file extension cdfs which i know is just another name for standard ISO (or I believe that to be the case anyway). any other image would say 'ISO' for the extension But the problem is even after Ive checked the file with md5 and it states no read errors it simply wont boot from DVD with the BIOS set to boot it that way Something that I noticed is the dmg image files in there, there are 3, filler.dmg, installer.dmg and live.dmg Is this suppose to be put on a usb drive? Sorry to sound dumb dudes but Im not sure what to do and Ive worn out My Google resource as to find an answer for this Ive tried 4 different images as well just incase the md5 was lyin' to me Would anyone be interested in helping Me wise up to the situation? If nobody replies to this Im just gonna assume that it is a stupid question and i will therefor be embarrassed for sure I try to keep from asking questions hear cause Ive seen the tolerence level for idiots and I just may be one of those idiots I Am familiar with other distro's such as JaS, iPC, Kalyway just never done the Live DVD EDIT: I figured out how to convert the image, sorry if i wasted anyone's time with this post
  6. iAtkos V7 error

    You and I are having the same issue bro' Ive been playing with it for a few days now off and on, and i just cant figure it out man, this is total suckage dude I know that these dudes here can solve any issue, i have always found my anwsers here before cant believe no1 has replied to this issue what made You change from 5 to the 7 version anyway, i havent even tried 5 My spec are: asus striker extreme q6600 2 1gb corsiar dominator 1066 (had 4 but stopped posting with 3 or 4 modules) X-Fi Fatal1ty 2 8800gt 3 150 WD Raptors raid0 Memorex Blu-Ray RW Samsung DVD-RW Sata Ported Quad Booting Windows 7_64_7600_RTM - Vista_64 - Windows XP_64 - Mandriva_64_Powerpack_2009_Spring Read this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=121343