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  1. First time building a Hackintosh, is everything here compatible? Comes out to @ $1200 if I pick up the i7 from Microcenter (great deal!) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/C6pC + this cooler: http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Cooling-Hydro-Series-High-Performance-CWCH60/dp/B004MYFOE2/ref=wl_it_dp_v_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=247SZKO9DYV3X&coliid=I1CY72MC6SP10Q This will be my main PC so I will use it for everything from email/browsing to work (I work from home remoting into my company via Citrix) to minor video editing (home movies of my kids plus my car racing events) as well as streaming movies/shows via Plex (to my other PCs, ATV2, iPad/iPod, etc). Additionally I would like to make it a DVR as I am ditching cable (hence the streaming needs) and will hook up my OTA antenna via EyeTV USB HD TV Tuner. Finally I will do some gaming on it. I haven't built a PC in like 20+ years but I am familiar with the process and I have been modifying my PCs throughout that time period. Additionally I will have a 16gb USB flash drive and anti-static wrist guard. I already have monitors and keyboard/mouse/trackpad and a Drobo. As for the OS, I have a Mac Mini and I have upgraded it to Mountain Lion and I have the dmg for it by following these steps: http://osxdaily.com/2011/08/02/re-download-mac-os-x-lion-from-app-store/ I currently don't use Thunderbolt but figured it was worth doing a TB mobo to begin with so I can add TB items as time goes on thanks in advance for your advice!
  2. epic reply with tons of details! thank you so much for your guidance I don't have a problem keeping the HDs external to the HTPC (currently I do exactly this with a Drobo) but I don't care much about form factor or size as I plan on keeping it separate from the living room / tv viewing area. Here in the States our buildings are very different and it is very easy to wire our house walls so I will just send HDMI to the TV, and need to figure out remote capabilities (RF remote or IR with an extender that I would also wire through the walls). But size of the box I am very flexible on I will look into EyeTV software and HD USB TV Tuner sticks as I see from reading builds that the OS doesn't work with a PCI version TV Tuner
  3. Hello, I am looking into building a Hac Pro, but before I get started pricing everything out and ordering items I wanted to reach out to the experts to see if my needs can be met by a Hac Pro. From searching around the net the issue/snag for me may be the HD TV Tuner and DVR functionality I seek. Because I would like the build to be our family's HTPC plus our desire to ditch the monthly cable bill I am hoping to add an HD TV Tuner so that it can function as a DVR. The source for the tuner would be an over the air antenna (I am @ 20 miles / 32 km west of NYC and get enough signal here). I have XBMC running on my current Mac Mini (And on my AppleTV2) and I have ripped my DVD library to my Drobo so that will make up for loss of sports/cable content. One other possible issue is I would like the Hac Pro to be my main computer as well, but then when my wife or sons want to watch something from the 'DVR' I need to be able to sent that content to the living room while I can still work from the Hac Pro in my office (I work from home) are my goals possible? are they compatible with a custom build? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE About me... I have been into computers since being a small kid in the 80s and have build, modified, fixed, etc many computers up until 5 years ago when I switched to Macs. Since then I have only loaded more RAM and hacked my ATV2 and kids Wii however I should be tech savy enough to get through a Hac Pro build (as long as my build specs are possible)