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  1. Thanks! Takes longer to boot, but stuff like the dictation thingy won't crash anymore!
  2. The latest kernel from Anv boots fine, however when i login, this happens: On boot it also says something about NullCPUPowerManagement kext, but i don't even have it installed anywhere!
  3. Writing this from my Mac Using the mach_sse42_only kernel and flags npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No and deleted ATI6000Controller.kext. (No good graphics but hey, better than nothing i guess). Tried mach_sse4_exts - it get's stuck as some point and you can hear the HDD stop spinning, but no visible KP.
  4. Allright... I can only boot into the installer by removing ALL ATI*.kext and the flags npci=0x300 GraphicsEnabler=No and using the mach_sse42_only kernel. Installing isn't easy either, at some point the screen will go white and the cursor will freeze, which ruined my first install (it still shows HD activity!). On my second try i got the same, but eventually it would revert back to normal by plugging my second/main monitor in and out several times. Booting into the main System, same flags as above. Resolution is of course very low 1024*something and both screens are mirrored. I looked into the S/E/L of the main system and surprisingly i found all the ATI kexts... I still decided to overwrite them by the ones i had a backup from the USB and then ran myFix wich didn't complete for like 20 mins, so i decided to abort it. Tried opening About this mac, didn't show up. Also i wanted to restart, but hitting the restart in the menu did nothing, so i did a hard restart. Got a driver for my realtek card, put it in Extra/Extensions (both USB and HD) and i can see it saying "detected r8111e" in the vebose output. HOWEVER, whatever i try (GraphicsEnabler=No, PCIRootUID=1 / 0) it allways ends up in a white screen now without a cursor. Using -x ends up in "still waiting for root device". halp.
  5. What is the System.kext from Sinetek for? Do we need it?
  6. I'm using 10.8 on a USB using myHack. GPU is still HD 6970 After some testing i can say: Fresh 10.8 with corecrypto and the kernel -> stuck on white screen where i can move the mouse but it will dis- and reappear from time to time. Without ATI kext's -> goes till bluetooth something and just sits there doing nothing. No GUI, just the white text. Without ATi kext's and GraphicsEnabler=No -> gray screen with movable mouse, wich switches to a black screen with a little white rectangle in the top back to gray and so on
  7. Alright, so i'm able to boot ( -v npci=0x300 ), but it will stop at a white screen with the mouse cursor on it, which i can move tho... From time to time it disappears and reappears again.. I tried GraphicsEnabler=No as well as PCIRootUID=1. CPU = X4 965, GPU = ATI Radeon HD 6970