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  1. Hello, I am new to the hackintosh world. I am a film studies student and I would like to build a hackintosh laptop basically for editing ( Final Cut Pro X and CS6 ) and some vfx - compositing (after effects , maya etc) . I have searched around the forums (here & elsewhere) but I haven't figured out if it a laptop is a hackintosh stable choise. I found several references for kernel panics or instability which could be a major problem for video editing which is heavy on resources. I have read here : http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/03/four-best-hackintosh-laptops-for-2012.html and ASUS G53JW - A1 seemed like a good choice. Fact is that a good GPU acceleration is need. I think nvidia is a good choice for both FCP and CS6. So my questions are: 1) For about 1, 4000$ a hackintosh laptop is a good choise for the use mentioned? Or maybe I should think of desktop instead ? 2) Has anybody build - used anything for similar purposes ? 3) Do u believe that the asus laptop is a good choise 4) The NVIDIA GTX 460M is a good acceleration choice for both CS6 and FCP ? Thank you for your time PS Sorry for any language mistakes - English is not my first language PS2 Excuss me if I have missed a forum topic that covers my questions. If that's true a link could be real helpfull