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  1. Successfully Enabled AHCI on MacPro Eight-core 2009 Nephalem (MacPro 4,1) running bootcamp and Windows 7 64bit. Processors: 2.26Ghz Quadcore Xeon (Eightcore) Chipset: Intel ICH1010R SATA AHCI controller Successfully updated Standard AHCI 1.0 Driver to Intel ICH1010R SATA AHCI controller driver. Enabled AHCI in Windows 7 64bit using the regedit method. / microsoft fix method Used AHCI Enabler.dmg by Johnsocks (thanks) in OSX. (Make sure to disconnect all other NTFS drives other than the BOOTCAMP one.) Then downloaded Intel ICH10 family AHCI drivers / Intel Matrix Storage Manger for the chipset. This updates the Standard AHCI 1.0 driver to the Intel driver. Good to go. Hopefully this helps/confirms/saves time to anybody trying to do this for this configuration. Thanks again to everyone involved. Helped solve some pro audio related issues when dealing with large track counts.