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  1. Hi, I have an Acer 7741G laptop (ATI Radeon HD 5470m, 1600x900 resolution, i5 sandy bridge), I installed iATKOS L2 (OSX 10.7.2), and I need help getting the proper video drivers for it. When I first turn it on, it doesn't display video properly until I turn off GraphicsEnabler. Once off, I can see video in 1024x768 only, the video is slow performance (as expected with non-proper/generic video drivers), and the OS says my graphics card is "display 3mb". I tried following the two pieces of instructions in this link: http://www.osx86.net...on_hd_5470.html (editing instead "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" because that appears to be the OSX lion version of "Com.Apple.Boot.plist"), and it didn't seem to do anything, except for turning 'GraphicsEnabler' back on, which I afterwords disabled via boot loader options. The iATKOS installation customizations I have chosen are the following: GraphicsEnabler (uncheck) Original Apple Boot Logo Drivers->Sound->OvvdooHDA2.1 Drivers->PS/2 Drivers->Laptop Battery The installation has given the system apparent full support for everything except for my GPU and my laptop's built-in mic. OR, might I be better off re-installing using this guide?: http://www.redmondpi...ow-to-tutorial/