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    Poor Perfomance on my GTX1060

    Hello there, i recently bought an GTX1060 and i have from the beginning perfomance problems. Than i bought a Gigabyte Aorus Radeon RX 580 8G, this works like a charm, without any perfomance problems. Does somebody knows, how this could be fixed? NVIDIA Web Driver: 378. config.plist.zip
  2. Thank you very much, i install your Clover and replaced the whole Clover folder with yours. I just changed the serial number in the config. The ioreg file is attached (DennissiMac.zip). DennissiMac.zip
  3. Hello, could you help me with my DSDT stuff too? Like you can see, i need to use FixShutdown, would be nice if you could check my Clover config, if everything is ok. I uploaded it on mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lv46hmge7gd13ld/CLOVER.zip
  4. DJ_Mic

    Poor Perfomance on my GTX1060

    Thanks i tried it, but it doesnt help. I will reinstall my AMD Card and try to sell the NVIDIA card.
  5. I have a problem, i just bought this graphic card and tried to use it with my Hackintosh, but without success atm. I setup my iGPU as primary card but i get still an output on my external GPU instead on my iGPU. I could easily install macOS without problems. But when i boot into the installed OS, the screen occurs black and the fans stop working and i loose my display signal. I just updated my Signature with my current Hardware.
  6. Hi there, i cant get my USB3 work and i have strange Audio Problems. Im using the dynamic AppleALC Patcher and my microphone Input on my Mainboard doesnt work, but the Microphone Input on my case port is working. The next strange thing is, im using an second pc(Gaming machine) and i wont switch my Headset, so i use an audio jack and connect it to my Hackintosh Line-In Input. And when i use my mouse on my Hackintosh, i got a strange electric sound on my Headset. Can someone help me, with this problems?
  7. I want to use ESXI + OSX without the Unlocker, because i need to use some kext patches to get my Bluetooth/WLAN working. So i thought to use Clover to start everything and install OSX without Unlocker. I made an OSX+Clover USB Stick like for an normal Hackintosh Install and boot my VM with the usb. Clover started, and it has no graphical background, just only a black background and white text colors, never saw that with Clover. When i try to start the installer, it immediately stops the VM. So i searched for an bootable Clover iso(7MB) file and found one, started the VM with this iso and Clover was like always, colored background and yes typical clover. But i cannot boot my USB install stick with it. I made also an virtual machine with my macbook with an clean osx install and clover installed on it. I copied the vmdk to the host an started it, the result was the same, black background on clover and when i try to boot, it immediately stops the VM.
  8. Do you can run it with the latest Clover build? Did they fix it?
  9. Is it possible to have more than two vCPUs with Penryn? I assigned 4 vCPUs and in OSX only two are recognized.
  10. Hello guys, i hope you can hel me. I asked on every Hackintosh Forums, but i dont get an answer or get banned... I have this Nettop PC: Look here! I made the USB Installationstick with myHack on my iMac. I installed ML 10.8.2. I got every time a KP. I found here this Kernels and they dont work for me: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/282187-patched-mach-kernel-108x-for-atom-cpus/page__hl__%20atom%20%20kernel Can i patch maybe the Kernel for my Nettop? Or someone can do this for me? Is there any tutorial for patching? I hope you can help me
  11. The tool SystemInfo shows me an Bad Smilie. The CPU was a happy Smilie. So, what can i do?
  12. Nope doesnt work for me... I think the onboard graphiccard ION, has problems with MacOSX
  13. Thank you very much Deltac0!! Bios reset resolve the reboot problem. Here is my KP: What i used: A fresh myHack ML Boot stick Overwritten with the mach_kernel 12.2.0 from buoo
  14. Ok i have a new big problem... My Nettop is every time time rebooting. I changed nothing, now its non stop rebooting... I tried it with different tools, everytime its rebooting.. It start to load the kext files and after load its rebooting... Commands like "npci=0x2000,0x3000,cpus=1,-x,-f" doesnt work...
  15. Is it possible to patching a working kernel for this mainboard/cpu? Link Hardware Specs: http://www.sprung.de/uploads/media/Datenblatt_Nettop_3000.pdf