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  1. "Dell Vostro 1015n" Suggestion!

    ok but how do you make it work are there any kexts etc. ?
  2. "Dell Vostro 1015n" Suggestion!

    I used the Windows version, and i got this Will it work ?
  3. "Dell Vostro 1015n" Suggestion!

    How would i get the "devid" of it ? Sorry i don't know since i am new here!
  4. Hello guys this is my first post here i am a bit new to these forums, i have some questions if you don't mind please! First of all i have a Dell Vostro 1015n Laptop i got it 2 years ago and it still works perfectly, i tried to install osx86 into it but i failed numerous times, i want your help now, Here are my specs firstly : CPU : Intel Core2Duo CPU T6570 @2.10 GHz 2.10Ghz RAM : 4.00 GB Motherboard chipset : Intel Cantiga GM45 Graphic Card : Mobile Intel Express chipset family 4 Audio Driver : Conexant HDD : Western Digital 320 GB Q1/ I really love Mac OSX but is it worth using under that specs ? Q2/ Can i get a fully functioning system under that specs ? Q3/ Will the soundcard, graphic card work ? P.S i checked the wiki but i couldn't find anything P.S.S i would be glad if someone helps me since i am new as i said Thanks in advance