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  1. I have just tested it on my MacPro5,1. Screen wake from sleep is still a bug. I have reset NVRAM and SMC without any success. It must be an operating system bug. There are many complains on the net.
  2. I have original MacPro5,1 and it fails to wake from sleep with EC and Sierra. So the wake from sleep might not be a particular QUO board problem.
  3. in the org.chameleon.Boot.plist: If I want to use: VBIOS=Yes UseAtiROM=Yes Do I still need: GraphicsEnabler=Yes? The way I understand it GraphicsEnabler=Yes is for Automatic device-properties generation for graphics cards, whereas VBIOS=Yes is for manual Injection of VBIOS to device-properties.
  4. What do you have in BIOS for OS type and CSM Support?
  5. I haven't try it yet on Sierra EC only, but I doubt it the results would be different. Do you have the default settings in the bios or you have changed something? What computer personality are you using MacPro or Imac?
  6. Thanks for the help offered. Mine is XFX 5770 Device Id: 1002 68B8. 2 DVI 1 DP 1 HDMI. Are you able to boot single screen with the external card only and BIOS set for initial display first=Auto?
  7. Ok I swapped my HD5770 with a Geforce 210 from another rig, created a working imac14,2 plist and embedded it in the bios. Tested the operation with the Nvidia card in EC and Sierra and it works fine. So to conclude definitely AMD does not work on EC and Sierra whereas Nvidia does. My next step is to test the HD5770 on the other rig using chameleon bootloader.
  8. I never could make it boot with the playlist in the efi folder
  9. I do. I have an XFX HD5770 and during booting it gets stuck in the apple logo. By the way The King said to ditch the AMD cards for the upcoming new bios.
  10. The closest one looks like imac14,2 http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/specs/imac-core-i5-3.2-27-inch-aluminum-late-2013-specs.html For GeForce GT755M. So you need to modify the playlist using PandoraBox or CloverConfigurator and re-flash the bios.
  11. zirkaiva

    Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    Hi guys I tried updating clover pro but I got this error: ******************************************* * Auto-Build Full Clover rEFIt_UEFI * * Revisions: edk2: 22541 * * Clover: 3728 * * Using Flags: gcc49 x64 * ******************************************* Starting >>>>New<<<< Build Process: 22:07:50 Building CloverX64, gcc49 Creating new RAM disk Initialized /dev/rdisk2 as a 256 MB case-insensitive HFS Plus volume Using TOOLCHAIN_DIR='/Users/folio/CloverGrowerPro/toolchain' running ./ebuild.sh -gcc49 -D USE_APPLE_HFSPLUS_DRIVER --x64 TOOLCHAIN_DIR: /Users/folio/CloverGrowerPro/toolchain NASM_PREFIX: /Users/folio/CloverGrowerPro/toolchain/bin/ NASM_VER: 2.12.01 your nasm is not good to build Clover! Cloverx64 ERROR!! Ejecting RAM disk "disk2" unmounted. "disk2" ejected.
  12. The more I read about this controversy the more I get confused. At the end do you recommend we use the patched version for Sierra in the #4064 link or not?
  13. Just use diskutil list in terminal. It will show all partitions including efi