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  1. Snow Leopard 10.6.8 sur Asus Eee Box B202

    B202 w/ broadcom wifi swapped in. I started with 10.6 retail and legacyboot, then did the 10.6.8 combo update... worked like a champ! Thanks for the tutorial Fred! May the Force be with you! Oh and DanielFo's modded 1204 bios. Thanks to him too with lots of Force!!!!
  2. Asus R2H boots from usb Leopard install ...

    Hey man, I posted the original install method I used on gottabemobile back in 2007... http://www.gottabemobile.com/forum/hp/5448...200-tc4400.html Looks like a few other guys managed to get it working as well but make sure you go through every post. Mine still runs Leo 10.5.1 just fine so Im leaving it that way. I hear some others got 10.5.6 working but I havnt bothered. Sorry for the late response but insanely hasnt been forwarding my messages to my email. May the Force be with you! midireebs
  3. Ive done up 2 identical (w/ the exception of wireless cards) : 1 wind with bios .105 and a newer 1 with .106... my first wind .105 doesnt need switchrex to boot consistantly 1024 x 600 but the newer bios .106 the machine would occasionally boot in 800 x 600 with no 1024 x 600 listed in displays hence the need for switchresx. That is the only difference I can see. By the way on the newer one I used Dell PN#430-2547 the dell 1510 wireless N mini pci-e card and it works flawlessly post installation of MSIWINDOSX86.iso. The first one I just tore the G card out of an HP NX6325 which also worked flawlessly post install of MSIWINDOSX86.iso. The only thing I cant figure out so far is why the screensaver wont kick in at the appointed time? It works with Wallsaver running in the background and also works if you enable Hot Corners to be the screensaver... curious... ?
  4. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    I have done Kalyway installs on the TC4200 and the TC4400 multiple times with identical methodology and still ended up with mixed results on the "enable at startup" feature. On 1 hdd for the 4200 it boots with the tablet enabled and on another with absolutely identical installation steps which will not boot enabled... still works when you do enable it everytime but I havnt been able to figure out how it could be possible since I followed my own tutorial step by step? Weird.
  5. [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    Hey all, Just wanted to report this variation from Sansey works w/ the HP TC4200 running Kalyway 10.5.1 and Im not getting any tearing or artifacts... works like a champ! Frontrow, Flurry (and other .qtz's), dashboard widget "splash", visualizer in iTunes are working. I may have found a fix for higher resolutions using SwitchresX... looks like the program can do rotation for tablets as well but I cant confirm that yet as Im still playing... Tried Andy4life's fix first but couldnt read anything in the menu's but thanks to Andy4life for posting the topic... dude your posts have helped me out more times than I can count! Yes I remember reading posts from yourself and JAS on the Tiger fix... totally great work man! Thanks to everyone that posts! May the Force be with you all, Jedi Reeves
  6. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    Hey Andy, THANKS MAN! The video sync's up now! I followed your guide and Core Image is working now but no QE... and it shows up as GMA900(?) totally functional enough to be deemed fully functional as a tablet... THANKS... specs listed below: -HP TC4200 tablet / OSX Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 -Intel GMA915 1024x768/12.1" / single wire trick pin 2 to 6 / Core Image-working / VGA out-working multiple res's (seems to "learn"(?) new resolutions after plugging in 4 different external monitors... now have multiple res's(?) cool!! 17" widescreen 1280x768, 17" 3x4 1280x1024, 22" Widescreen 1680x1050 and 19" 3x4 1280x1024 / video sync's w/ audio(Audio worked post kaly install) in Quicktime and Divx player... VLC didnt like the tablet to begin with... -Intel2200 replaced w/ broadcom 4318+enabler pkg (HP PN#377408-001) working -Bluetooth-working ( works by default on everything doesnt it? ) -Digitizer- working w/ tabletmagic forum calibrated perfectly and pressure sensitive to 255 levels -Nic working post kaly install -Applied current powermanagement bundle for Leo - Battery working (2.5hrs) - Sleep seems to be working - sleeps on lid-close / stays awake in converted to slate mode -Disabled Intel Speedstep in bios - Boot without ac plugged in - working -Enabled Intenational keyboard / Ink windows for handwriting - works awesome with block letters -HP chassis buttons Volume up/down/mute working - LCD buttons for rotation dont do anything(duh) Thanks for getting my video sync'd dude seriously. I only hope my posts can be as thourough and helpfull as yours. You get the "Yoda" award of the week! May the Force be with you! Ree-Vess
  7. my leopard install on my TC4400

    Hey man, Both the TC4400 and the NC4200+4400 CAN use a Broadcom hp internal wireless pci card swap (google tc4200 or tc4400 or nc4200 or nc4400+service and maintenance guide) HP pn#377408-001 is confirmed Broadcom and I swapped it from the intel piece o' pooh that mine tablet came with into my tc4200 and it works by default in both JAS10.4.8 and Kalyway 10.5.1. Im prett sure appleazalia will fix your audio. LAN simply worked on my installs. I got the wireless chip for like 12 bucks online. Do the swap and make yourselves happy... Intels wireless cards suck
  8. The smallest Tablet Mac!

    Hey man, Nice job... you got Leo working hey? Awesome! ...but my Asus R2H has a 7" tablet screen and Jas Tiger 10.4.8 (+updated to 10.4.12) on it which I think makes it the smallest Tablet Mac. same weight as the Air and I use the apple bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse with it. I have a TC4200 HP tablet as well which runs Kaly Leo 10.5.1(+some updates) like a champ... faster than my black macbook 2nd gen curiously(?) I havnt found a solution for screen rotation yet but im watching for one... Kudos to Jas, Kalyway and the TabletMagic forum guys! May the Force be with you!
  9. has anyone tried a "Mac Tablet"?

    I have two working and know of four other laptops/tablets that will definitely work depending on the osx version you want to run. I am running Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 on an HP TC4200 where I have swapped the intel internal wireless card for the HP parted Broadcom 4318 internal wireless cars and the thing runs like a champ! The handwriting recognition works awesome actually... it uses the wacom tablet magic software via a modded serial driver and the built in INK software that becomes visible on macs when you have a tablet interface connected... it's perfectly calibrated... the buttons on the stylus all work... 255 levels of pressure sensitivity on the tip... even got core image supported... totally worth the attempt and runs better as a Leo tablet than it ever did as an XP machine. model: HP TC4200-PV985AA#ABA w/ Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 updated to 10.5.2 specs: 1.73GHz centrino mobile / 2GB Kingston PC5300-667's (PN#KVR667D2S5/1G x 2) / WD800BEVE HDD 80GB/5400RPM / Broadcom 4318 wifi (HP pn#377408-001 $12bucks online via Computer Parts Alliance Canada!!) / Intel GMA 915 CI working no QE/external LCD works at multiple resolutions/onboard 12.1" tablet screen at 1024 x 768(which is totally fine for the size of it) /svideo out works multiple resolutions/ USB all work / cardbus working w/ modded kext's and can read and write to a PCMCIA 32MB(wow remember when that was big AND expensive?) memory card / SD card reader does not work / ethernet jack works... I think it worked by default post Kaly install like the Broadcom wireless did / same as the audio - totally works great as well as input/output jacks and all my external midi gear works(iControl, Roland/Edirol UM-2 2x2 midi io, Griffin iMic, Blue Snowball mic, Roland MC-505 + Roland MC-303, Native Instruments everything works. The only thing Im waiting for is the internal HP bluetooth module HP pn#370429-001 which I ordered before the long weekend and should be on my desk tomorrow afternoon sometime... I cant wait to use my bluetooth car deck with it. Truly and totally functional and inspired by the fact apple didnt release one this year. Necessity is the mother of invention right? I needed tactile control over the dj software I use and apple didnt want to accomodate so "in your face apple"! Actually I felt kinda guilty so I bought the Leopard OS and kept it sealed. This tablet was totally worth apple-o-tizing. I christened it "the Crab-Applet" cause it took like 6 attempts to get Leo onto it and fully functional. (Thanks to JAS or whomever figured out the 2 wire trick... and everyone else for posting results... especially the TabletMagic forum guys and girls YOU RULE HARDCORE!). The second Tablet is the 7" Asus R2H tablet ("R2DeTablet") running Jas 10.4.8 up'd to 10.4.10. This thing is sluggish but also runs better as a mac than it did as a pc... although I havent been able to test the GPS module due to lack of free Mac GPS software to try it out with. Google Earth for mac actually runs albeit slow 3d action. I need to get a copy of the Google w/ GPS support... (anyone know where?) This thing was a total nightmare to install osx but after getting the Zydas usb wireless working and getting full video support (QE and CI fully working on the intel915 w/ external lcd and 3.5mm video out working too). This thing is a Panjit TouchSet usb digitizer and works but is ever so slightly mis-calibrated by like 3mm... still definately useable as the media center in my car since the apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse are so travel worthy they work great with it. It can also run an extended desktop through the 3.5mm video out to another 7" lcd TV i have in the back seat AND the bluetooth runs audio out to the stereo deck no problem... awesome! I maxed out the RAM on the R2H at 1.25GB but its still a little sluggish w/ the 900 MHz Celeron in it. I actually want to try out Gpart live and see if I can do a nondestructive repartition and maybe dual boot a stripped down XP install for the sake of the GPS usage... OSX boots in a minute on the R2H... I cant wait for the 3 minute XP boot time issue again just so I can have a GPS working... stupid windows! The handwriting INK app works great on this thing too... of course I handwrite in block letter form anyways from drafting so maybe thats why it works well for me(?) Oh the Bison camera does not work... I should mention that if you care about having a webcam... I totally dont cause Im ugly (not really) and the only chick that wants to cam with me is named "hotamber69@hotmail.com" and is probably, in actuality a fat 65 year old man thats into nerds and bondage... yeeee-ikes! LOL! As far as other tablets go I know the TC4400 series HP with the core 2 duo will work as well for Leopard pending you do the same HP parted Broadcom wireless card swap I listed for the TC4200 above (HP pn#377408-001)... the iwi2200 fix for Intel 2200 series doesnt support WPA encryption (yet?) and doesnt show up as an "Airport" with the balldiamond like the Broadcoms do... hence the recommended swap. The Panasonic Toughbook tablet will run Leo from what ive seen on youtube (google it man... it's sweet!). Looks like it runs as well as my 4200 if not better but get ready to shell out some bucks. The HP TX1400/2000 series AMD tablets have also made an appearance on youtube with Leo functioning. Those are probably broadcom wireless chips... (?) There are a bunch of motion computing tablets that would likely run Leo pretty well but I dont think they are convertable... perfect justification to go out and buy the apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse (and a copy of Leo for your guilt factor... or maybe a developers license?) The best thing to do is research the heck out of the tablet you are going to attempt to install on. Even better if you can get in front of a functional demo cause you can check the device and vendor ID's and verify potential functionality here on insanely before you buy it and make an attempt. AND THEN POST YOUR RESULTS! LOL! ... Please. May the Force be with you!
  10. Asus R2H boots from usb Leopard install ...

    After sticking the hdd from the usb enclosure back into my TC4200 and booting it up... TC4200 booted back up just fine in 1024 x 768 but now also has two new resolutions indicated in system preferences / displays / resolutions... 640 x 480 and 800 x 480 are now available to my tc4200 tablet screen? They werent there before... ? Those are the R2H resolutions... So I go ahead and plug in the external 17" widescreen lcd and under that screen resolutions I have 1280 x 768 as well as 1024 x 768(?)... guess I better plug in the 22" wide and see if more widescreen resolutions become available... Also just noticed the clone wars video at starwars.com works fine w/ quicktime all of a sudden?!?... that didnt work before?!?! what the heck? Also Quicktime and Divx now play my battlestar avi's with no lipsync issues?... and my occasional flickering screen issues are seemingly gone... ? How does putting the hdd in an enslosure and booting off of a different machine w/ different screen resolutions fix CI exactly? Weird.
  11. Asus R2H boots from usb Leopard install ...

    OK the R2H is actually useable in 10.4.8 natively but it doesnt like Leopard natively. 1. Tried Kaly 10.5.1 under a few scenarios. - Attempted booting kaly image from external Liteon 8x DVD+-RW Lightscribe optical drive: kernel panics galore failed around ethernet somewhere. - Attempted disable ethernet in bios: same result. - Attempted boot from image on Corsair Flash Survivor 8GB usb drive: same result. 2. Tried Leo4allv2 w/ ethernet still disabled: failed same result and I think at the same point around ethernet... (ill attempt v3 when it done stewing in bandwidth broth) Now the kicker is it originally booted from usb 2.0 hdd enclosure that already had a functional Kaly Leo 10.5.1 I yanked from my HP tc4200 tablet and it made it into the os and appeared to be smoother than my previous install of 10.4.8 with patched updates... curious... I have an HP NX9500 Jas 10.4.8 laptop as well thats older but I yanked the drive out of that and put it in the enclosure and it boots the R2 and functions smoothly... almost more so externally than natively(?) Im thinking the 1.8" 60GB hitachi hdd has a bottleneck or I need to modify the ide controller software somehow. Still I have to say the video of the R2H running osx that came out on youtube or whatever last year doesnt really do it justice at all. That video DID look really sluggish... still boots faster as an osx project than as an windows xp tablet. Mine actually runs decent enough to use it as my car computer... once you get the gma915 kext and the zydas 1215.kext working. Im running Jas10.4.8 with CI and QE enabled via Jas patch(thanks man seriously) 800 x 480 and frontrow slow but working... runs a larger monitor fine / all resolutions available... the bluetooth apple wireless key and mouse work great... resistive screen works w/ built in ink and is slightly mis-calibrated but useable for finger tapping apps open but tricky to use with the built in on screen international keyboard unless its dead center of the screen... powermanagement/battery/charging works fine and gets about 2.5 hrs amazingly enough... I can see the gps in sys profiler but I dont know what software to try to utilize it (anyone?)... sound works w alc8xxx fix and runs fine through analog outs and bluetooth... mic works... no camera functionality or gps in osx but I dont really care cause it works on the windows side. Next im going to attempt an install of kaly leo 10.5.1 to a 32GB OCZ thumb drive through the tc4200 without any of my tc4200 sound or wifi patches applied and see if I can make it bootable on the R2.
  12. After succesfully installing Leopard on an HP TC4200 tablet (my "crab-applet") and getting everything working I decided on an experiment with the Asus R2H first gen tablet. Since I put a larger drive in the TC4200 and repeated the Kalyway 10.5.1 install successfully I yanked the 40GB hdd from it and put it into a USB 2 enclosure and booted the R2H from it... and it made it into leopard sort of... Takes about a minute to boot and makes it into leopard with the spinning wheel running permanently... finder isnt responding... cant relaunch or quit... hold power button offers to shut down/restart but doesnt... screen works with stylus(kudos to the Tablet Magic forum guru's) isnt quite accurately calibrated by default (of course) but does in fact navigate... thumb joystick works... l/r mouse button work... keyboard wants to know what key is to the right of the left shift key but there isnt on this micro usb keyboard(i gave it the windows button to choke on for awhile).... wireless balldiamond visible but cant connect(needs a zydas driver)... bluetooth appears to work... cant get into system profiler... battery indicater becomes visible after hovering over it and appears to be accurate (test more on a native install later)... anyways ill spend some actual time on it in the near future and post what ever I find. Anyone know of any GPS map software for OSX that can utilize a usb configured GPS? The R2H GPS module appears to be internal usb device(?).
  13. Two wire vs one wire trick

    I dont know man but it works! (i went w/ single wire/paperclip 6 to 12 pin which worked on Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 sse2 mbr native on the HP TC4200 fully functional "CrabApplet". I didnt bother w/ the 2-wire as the single worked on several reboots and cold starts. I get an apple beep when I go into displays in sys prefs.
  14. Ok I totally agree this is bad for us successfully running osx on non apple hardware in the near future... on the other hand it's kind of funny because apple now has a big bullseye to shoot at... and we get to sit back and giggle. Proceed with the pants being sued off of someone! Although... somehow I still feel like I've lost a tiny bit of "geek prestigue" with the local IT crowd...
  15. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Hey Guys, Anyone w/ a TC4200 having this issue... I have the tablet working via serial driver and tablet magic if I boot w/ AC power plugged in but when I boot w/ no AC adapter the tablet cannot be recognized... (?)... weird hey? Anyone had this issue? Also found a wicked solution for the wifi... go online and look up hp pn#377408-001 which is a broadcom internal mini-pci wireless card w/ the 4306 chipset (you can verify the part number via the "service and maintenance manual" for the tc4200 buried on HP's site... or google "tc4200+whitepapers". Get yourself a torque screw driver kit and swap the card for the crappy intel 2200bg POS and run the standard "Wireless.Support.pkg" from the broadcom simple wireless tutorial forum or "bcm43xx_enabler.sh" if you like script more and SHAAAZAAAAM! well make sure you repair permissions and restart and stuff and it see's it as appleairport in system profiler. Gets like 200 foot range from my router too strangley. I found the mini-pci wireless card for $15 bucks online and got it in less than 2 days from computer parts alliance here in Canadia (or Canada as the commoners call it). Oh mine shows up as en2 on account of trying the iwi2200bg(en1) fix which sucked and was slow as heck... also system profiler claims that the airport is turned off but it is in fact on and working... more weirdness but totall functional. Looks like the TC4400 uses the same wireless card too for you guys that need to swap the intel. May the Force be with you, midireebs