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  1. IM Protoge, ahhhhh, thanks. you gave me the clue i needed. after making several attempts to install the Mac OS 10.8.2 image onto ESXi, i was finally clued in that i could install the OS via choosing the DMG image directly and not having to convert it via hdiutil. this was implied since ESXi installer would always prompt for an ISO image and nothing else. but by choosing the drop down menu to list "all files" i could choose the DMG image and it works. so here's the breakdown for those that are interested and don't want to be confused as i by having to read into each one of these posts prior to mine. steps i took: - install ESXi 5.1, fresh install. - enable the SSH and ESXi shell in 'security profile' (you can easily google this to figure out how) - copy over the unlocker 1.1.0 into the datastore. (your default is ideal) make sure not to run all this within the root directory ('/') but in some other sub directory (such as '/tmp'), otherwise you will blow away your /bin directory like someone had done since they have no understanding of unix filesystems and what the general hierarchy is like. - run './install.sh' within the esxi subfolder of the unlocker folder. - reboot ESXi - create new VM, I generally choose the default settings (as ESXi will recommend). - before finishing the creation of the VM, you'll choose to edit settings near the end. modify CD/DVD drive and choose Datastore ISO file by clicking browse. choose the pull down menu and allow it to display 'all files' instead of just ISO Image. choose your DMG image. - make sure you clicked on 'Connect at power on' - click 'Ok' to close, and start the VM. it'll read the DMG image for install. - make sure you erase your partition, and the installer will create a new MacOS partition for you, exit and install. - it'll reboot and you're good to go. simple.
  2. I noticed there are so many posts of different attempts to install Lion or Mountain Lion into ESXi 5.0 or 5.0u1 or 5.1. It's rather quite confusing. I'm wondering if someone could just simply post whether or not they've successfully installed Mountain Lion on 5.1 (fresh install) or must I have to downgrade my ESXi to some earlier release first? would hate to since I've already got plenty of VMs running in 5.1. On a side note, someone mentioned creating a VM in version 9 via vCenter. Is there really a need to do so? Seems someone had succesfully installed 10.8.x on VM9 and I'm wondering if VM9 is truly a prerequisite to getting it successfully installed. thanks.