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  1. LatinMcG, I told a friend of mine who happens to have the same laptop as mine (Dell XPS m1530) about the Atheros WLAN card you have and he wound up buying it (He bought it off of somebody with no WiFi or Bluetooth cards). I helped him install OSX Mavericks successfully and WiFi shows up right away but with the WiFi bars grayed out. When he goes into System Preferences, WiFi shows up as on but with a yellow light. Is that a Linux Live fix? If so, how?
  2. DarwinX or fusion71au, Just curious but are your IONetworkingFamily.kext and IO80211Family.kext from the same OS X (Mavericks)?
  3. Funny you should mention that because I actually just bought the BCM94321MC card on eBay yesterday. It's the same as DarwinX's card so I don't anticipate any issues once I have it.
  4. DarwinX, I wish I knew the answer to why I can't get the WLAN up and running. As mentioned previously, I know it's possible because I had it going for a while on 10.8.3 by using the Snow Leopard IO80211Family.kext. But when I tried it again this time around, I got nothing. Probably need to see another working kext group or DSDT or something from another XPS m1530 that actually works and learn to see where the problem is. For all I know, maybe I have something out of place or forgot to add from my old 10.6.1 or 10.8.3 setup. Or maybe I need to literally start from scratch, as in learning how to configure my laptop from the BIOS settings outward.
  5. Then I guess seeing as Mavericks IS a 64-bit OS, then I should be good to go. Christmas just got interesting!
  6. Hey there Fusion, I wound up getting it to work when I had 10.8.3 by using my old SL IO80211Family.kext but then it suddenly stopped out of the blue. I was trying to remember if I downloaded something to cause the problem but figured a clean install of Mavericks might do the trick. Unfortunately that isn't the case so far. I will stay away from the convoluted stuff like changing kext info and the like and just buy a USB adapter like I did for Bluetooth usage (laptop never had a Bluetooth card from day one). Wasn't sure if I had to change any settings either when I am in the BIOS Settings mode but didn't want to risk messing things up after having EVERYTHING else working. Also, is it possible put larger RAM chips beyond 4GB capacity on an XPS m1530 running Mavericks? Just curious.
  7. Happy to report that I am up and running with Mavericks on my XPS m1530. Big shout out to DarwinX and fusion71au for their great tutorials and helpful comments throughout the forums. Only have a few minor glitches to deal with and wanted to know if there was a fix for them. No Wi-Fi or sound as of yet or use of my keyboard and trackpad. Have to use my Bluetooth keyboard and corded mouse for the time being. Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated. -- Pete Update N.B. #1: Keyboard and Trackpad w/2-finger scrolling now up and running thanks to DarwinX's latest VoodooPS2 bundle. Grateful for the knowledge and support from the IM community. Only Sound and Wi-Fi left to fix. Update N.B. #2: Sound is up and running thanks to VoodooHDA 2.8.2 with patch update (Shout out to my friend Cory who originally set up my XPS m1530 on 10.6.1). Wi-Fi is only thing left for repair. Any suggestions would be great.