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    [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    Confirmed 32bit working! Motherboard: GA-A55M-DS2 ( Version=1.1/ Bios=FEa/ Socket=FM1) Chipset: AMD K12 Bridge/ Southbridge=A55/A60M LPCIO: ITE IT8728 CPU: AMD APU A4-3400 (Code Name=Llano/ 2700MHz [OC=4700MHz]/ x86-64/ Bus speed=100MHz/ Bus ratio/multiplier=27-47 [stock-OC]) RAM: AMD Entertainment Edition 4096MB 1600MHz DDR3 (Just one module, the other is empty.) Storage: 6Gb/s AData XPG SX900 SSD GPU: PowerColor AMD HD 6450 1GB (QE/CI Natively) OS: iAtkos L2 V4 AMD Kernel 10.7.2 (Will test other kernels, and also try getting OS updated. Updated below!) Booted with (-legacy -v arch=i386 npci=0x3000 cpus=2 busratio=27 -f) Installed Finder32bit, installed Chameleon, repaired system with Disk Utility, restarted, and voila!~ Update: Combo updater from 10.7.3 successful, then 10.7.4. During each update, it's mandatory to replace Finder, with the 32bit version (Finder DP2). As always, repair permissions, and restart. You'll have a working system. I had a few experiences as well, not sure related to hardware, or improper use of some boot arguments. Mouse sluggish= Something about the HID, not working correctly while on Lion. (I fixed this by rebooting, but I believe it was caused due to an improper "busratio" frequency.) XPCHelper: If you have a lot of logs from this, then disable it. I used this program someone made for disabling it (Since I am an amateur with MacOSx). With this, I do not know how to successfully remove, or prevent it from future start ups. I will reboot once, and get no issues, but after a few reboots, I get that XPCHelper back (Probably related to Disk Utility permisions re-write, need to confirm later) Kernels: AMD V4 10.7.2/ AMD V5 10.7.3/ AMD V6 10.7.4 Kexts: To be updated~ I sucessfully run Lion X.4 with these arguments: (-legacy -f arch=i386 busratio=27 UseKernelCache=No) Also Lion boots up my VGA (Second monitor fine, but without kexts for it. It's the built in HD graphics on my CPU.) Regards, Joshua~