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    I just wanted to report that I continue to have problems while uploading files (OSX 10.8.3, Motherboard: Z9PE-D16, 2 Xeons E5), I'm using the latest 4.1.2 update. Thanks!
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    Thanks, although I tried it and it didn't work, hard reset needed again. I will continue to use it with other applications and will report back. Thanks again.
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    Hello all, I recently built my first hackintosh and got everything working (even video ATI Radeon 7970) and ethernet with the kext provided in the first post above (thanks by the way), but I do have a similar problem as krysDE does. My configuration is: Motherboard: Asus Z9PE-D16 Network: Intel I-350 (onboard) CPUs: 2 Intel Xeon E5-2620 @ 2Ghz Memory: 32GB DDR3 Video: ATI Radeon 7970 HD 3GB Main Hard Drive: 128 GB SSD (Samsung) So basically, I can navigate the web, access the internal network for other Mac's, Windows PC's, Linux boxes (using SMB), etc, but I've had problems with VNC and/or Screen Sharing and at times, when the load is "heavy" (I was using iTunes home share with an iPad for music as I don't have a sound card yet) the network card fails, and going to System Preferences > Network > Hardware is not possible as it gets stuck, "sudo reboot" does not work, so I need to do a hard reset. I tried different combinations and configurations, and nothing has worked, I can easily test the changes I make by going to SpeedTest.net and wait for the "Upload" stage, it does not go through with it, it freezes and the hard reset is required again, the "Download" test works fine.