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  1. Oh you helped me. Thank you a lot. You are the best So happy after 1 year attempting to resolve this issue. Thankssssss
  2. Hello, Thank you for the replay. I tried different method with some advance. But no perfect solutions. Some changed on my hardware are make: - Screen changed to LG philips Full HD: screen goes black after system starts - CPU changed to I7: screen black, half left screen with the old one. - Trying with DSDT from another laptop with the same configuration : Dell XPS 173x , the display is correct but my battery meter not working with original kexts and with all patched kexts found on the internet. with my riginal DSDT, screen black, but all works with external HDMI display. i think i need a dsdt modification but no way, i'm unable to get it working. any idea? Thank you.
  3. Hello Teamkiller, the Same problem here with my internal display. Medion Akoya P7812 Laptop under 10.8.2. The problem : no EDID by default. forcing Edid with Switchres X can give the right display only if i boot in the safe mode with no kext loaded. when booted normally, my internal display show the left half of display with the correct resolution. The colors are very bad. External display ( testes with 3 different monitors) work perfectly. So, it's not a graphic card problem, but screen problem (AUO). if you change the screen, the problem is solved. maybe this AUO category is blacklisted from apple! Maybe we find our hero here in this forum :-)