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  1. HI everyone, First I'll post my system: Gigabyte 990FXA-D3 AMD FX-6100 Radeon 4850 HD 512MB 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz DDR3 memory *Currently only Macintosh HDD Snow Leopard SATA HDD connected I boot via my MyHack boot USB with the following command (with hd(1,1) Macintosh HD selected): rd(0,0)/Extra/legacy_kernel arch=i386 -force64 npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No busratio=165 PCIRootUID=1 -v I want to boot without the USB plugged in, I already installed Chameleon (Chameleon-2.2svn-r2140) Can anyone help ? Gladly I fixed my sound already. But I can't change resolution yet (it's stuck at 1024 x 768 and my monitors (I have 2) are 1920x1080 and 1280x1024), the MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.8.dmg (from official Apple site) gives me an error at the end of installation that installation failed. Also my internet is not working yet (motherboard gigabyte 990fxa-d3 with LAN-chipset Realtek RTL8111E chip (10/100/1000 Mbit) ) I've tried fixing my internet with http://lnx2mac.blogspot.nl/p/realtekrtl81xx-osx-driver.html that driver and IiTz ShAnE also made AtherosFix.kext
  2. As you guys might've heard on IRC I installed Lion on my machine with MyHack with changed kernel. Im booted now, working on internet connection and such stuff. And I reformatted the drive, Lion isn't working out on AMD. Now running Snow Leopard Sound is working already, internet isn't working yet changing resolutins isn't working yet (stuck on 1024x768) booting without MyHack USB isn't working yet. My current bootflag is: rd(0,0)/Extra/legacy_kernel arch=i386 -force64 busratio=165 npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 -v Installing MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.8.pkg isn't working either. Once more my system: Gigabyte 990FXA-D3 AMD FX-6100 Ati Radeon 4850 HD 512 MB 16GB Corsair Vengeance memory
  3. The USB Lion Installer doesn't even want to install. I suppose I won't get it to work, nothings working anymore :fiery: I disconnected both my OCZ Petrol and Samsung HD502IJ and still no luck... Too bad none of the guides are working out for me
  4. I now installed the .pkg file from Nawcom MODUSB on my USB and I also installed the .dmg on the other USB successfully. Now when I boot I have boot priority: First Boot Device: USB-HDD and Second Boot Device: USB-HDD and Third Boot Device: Hard Disk BIOS Settings as in spakk's first post. Still can't find SATA3 Ctrl Mode [AHCI] in the Intregrated Peripherals menu in the BIOS though. I don't have ON Board 1394 Function either (I think this is 990FXA-UD3 only) Other BIOS settings I made: AMD C1E Support [Disabled] Virtualization: [Enabled] AMD K8 Cool&Quiet control [Auto] Hard Disk Boot Priority: 1: USB-HDD0 SanDisk U3 Cruzer Micro (Nawcom ModUSB) 2: Ch2 S.: Samsung HD642JJ (I want to install OS X on this disk) 3: CH2 M. : OCZ-PETROL (my SSD where Windows is installed on) 4: Ch0 S. : Samsung HD502IJ (just a hard disk for movies and music etc.) When I hold F12 in the boot menu and select USB-HDD it goes to a black Screen with "Loading Operating System ..." First Boot Device is my Nawcom ModUSB Snow Leopard USB drive (other one) isn't connected yet.
  5. Thanks for asking, I was wondering what BIOS settings I need when I do it with 2 USBs (one USB 2.0 from 2GB for the nawcom and one USB 3.0 32GB for the retail snow leopard) is it a problem if I use 2 USBs (and one being usb 2 and other one being usb 3 ?) Further: do I need .dmg or .iso retail version? I now have a .dmg version but I don't know the best way to put it on an USB drive, I tried it like this: http://www.maciverse...lash-drive.html is that correct? Thanks for helping me :-) I tried installin Nawcom's USB Mod (OSX86_ModUSB.pkg) on my USB but it says installation failed. Do I need to format it in a particilar way?
  6. The DVD drive is external, it's via USB so not SATA. DVD is connected via USB as I said. If I use USB method for the Snow Leopard retail .dmg can I still use USB DVD reader for the nawcom dvd then swap it for the USB stick or...?
  7. The DVD worked a few days ago and now it doesn't so that's kind of weird, I think I burned it at the highest speed (8x?) and not at the lowest. I might try the USB method. I have a 32GB USB3.0 and I formatted it on my Macbook GUID partition and partitioned it Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as described here: http://www.maciverse.com/install-os-x-snow-leopard-from-usb-flash-drive.html and I'm downloading this http://pirateproxy.net/torrent/5068890/Mac_OS_X_10.6_Snow_Leopard_(Final_Retail) final retail version of Snow Leopard (.dmg version so I can do 'restore to USB' via the (real) Macbook)
  8. It worked 3 days ago when I first started this 'project', I burned it at the highest rate instead of the lowest rate, but the weird thing is that it used to work. Will a USB 3.0 work for a OSX install usb stick, Im downloading final retail .dmg now, I'll make USB 3.0 32GB GUID partitioned and then restore the .dmg on it so it will be bootable, I hope.
  9. I did, I burned the nawcom modcd (2nd one from the link in your post. Then I tries as u described in your post and got an error as I described. Then I reset my BIOS to optimal defaults and put mode to AHCI and booted with hazard os x dvd. Used to work a few days ago, I'm back at the beginning :/
  10. Now when I try the method from the first post in this topic I get "System config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found" I'm afraid I'm not capable of doing this... frustrating as hell in the first place and a ton of possible answers didn't work..
  11. At first I have a 990FXA-D3 and not a 990fxa-ud3 I don't have F_USB30 Controller [Enabled] --> mine is called R_USB30 Controller SATA3 Controller [Enabled] --> I dont have this SATA3 Ctrl Mode [AHCI] --> I dont have this ON Board 1394 Function --> I dont have this I am stuck at: "Booting with the nawcom CD, then remove nawcom CD, than insert Snow Leopard disc in the drive and hit the F5 key. and booting with the following boot flag: rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin-kernel -force64 -v -f" After I put in the Hazard OS X disk I get "bootmgr is missing, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot the PC" message At the moment I removed one videocard, only the EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512M videocard from ASUS is connected, only 1 bank of RAM of 4096MB (Corsair Vengeance) is connected, only USB devices are keyboard, mouse, USB Wi-Fi adapter and USB dvd-rom drive/burner (internal broke yesterday...) Any ideas?
  12. Do I need retail snow leopard for this or will this work with hazard os x too?
  13. Thanks, I found this http://www.osx86.net/desktops/9746-guide-os-x-10-6-amd.html guide, only problem: it says that radeon onder than 5xxx and 6xxx are trial and error. I dont know wether my 4850 will work it not, Apple used to habe 4850s couple of years ago. Now all I need to do is find a retail snow leopard for this, its not in stock anymore at most shops, I'll try to find one online
  14. Sorry for my dumb questions, but since I have never tried this before and I have no knowledge about hackintosh, can you tell me how I do this?
  15. Unfortunately it didn't work.. did you check the link where I downloaded it and is that the correct one (I just googled Hazard OS X 10.6.2 so..) I also tried: -v -f cpus=1 busratio=15 arch=i386 PCIRootUID=1 -v cpus=1 busratio=15 arch=i386 -v busratio=15 cpus=1 I also tried removing 12GB of RAM (3x 4GB RAM) and left (1x) 4GB RAM inside the computer and tried the following command: -v -f cpus=1 busratio=15 arch=i386 PCIRootUID=1 maxmem=4096 Im now redownloading the Hazard OS X 10.6.2 ... (This one: Snow_Leopard_10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard(byxta.pp.ua) via http://bitsnoop.com/...-q20521500.html )