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  1. AMD APU mountain lion support

    I have mountain lion 10.8.5 running on my APU, the only complication is due to the lack of APU graphics support. Is anyone working on this, or can anyone "in the know" explain to me how it technically could be done so I could look into it?
  2. Where are all the APU users out there? I know I've seen you around. I've had everything from 10.5 to 10.8.5 running on my system. If you need help getting your rig running, bring it here, and I'll help! Take note of this in advance: There is NO full graphics/hdmi support for us yet!
  3. Hey there, So I'm new here, but figured what a better place to start... I've been reading around, hearing that it's nigh impossible to get Lion running perfect on a laptop, and I aim to prove that wrong. I have been lurking on the forums these past days trying to piece together my knowledge, but finally hit a roadblock. I would like to note, I'm using this as my ONLY operating system, no dual boots, whatsoever. I'm a trooper, not an idiot. I am running 10.7.3 V2 (Niresh) My specs are: Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E535: AMD A4-4300m CPU/GPU hybrid (APU) 4gb 1333 ram (APU)> HD 7420g onboard graphics WD500gb 7200rpm hdd UEFI Bios What I've solved so far: Installation, check Bootable, check Audio, check Access to ALL usb ports, check WiFi & Internet access, check Custom resolution, check FN keys work for controlling volume, wifi, brightness, check My remaining issues: (1) Can't run 32-bit & 64-bit apps simultaneously, booting with -legacy will allow me to run 32-bit apps, booting without will let me run 64-bit apps. In legacy mode, Lion refuses to run 64 bit apps, period, with an error stating that it's not available on "this version of Mac". Without legacy mode, my 32-bit apps crash immediately upon launch. Using the maxmem=4096 flag has absolutely no effect, nor did the "amd_insn_patcher". (2) GraphicsEnabled=yes refuses to boot, while giving me the infamous framebuffer error, my only solution so far is to avoid installing ANY video driver kexts, period. This isn't necessary, because I'm going to be using my Hackintosh primarily for Xcode, but if anyone has any solutions, I'd greatly appreciate it. (3) I can't seem to get Chameleon to install to the bootsector properly, and I'm aware that it's the 4k over 1k bootsector size issue, though the Linux fix hasn't helped me with this one. It's a nuisance, but I do have a boot disk, so it's not *absolutely* necessary. (4) This is pretty annoying, but it hasn't been a big issue (yet), but every time I unplug my mouse, OSX crashes and tells me to reboot. Irritating, but not a show-stopper. (5) I haven't managed to enable trackpad scrolling yet, once I get that down, I'm gonna love the hell out of this OSx86 box. (6) My laptop won't go into sleep/hibernate. This one isn't really something I *can't* figure out, but rather, I just haven't looked into it yet. Other than those 6 issues I listed, only 2 of which are serious setbacks, everything else is working immaculately. This laptop seems almost like it was made to run OS X! I will be writing a full noob tutorial, from making a bootable usb/dvd, all the way until the last patch. If you help me, you will be accredited with your specific assistance in the matter. So, is there anyone willing to help me out here?