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  1. Clover General discussion

    GenericUsb is not part of Yosemite so your slow boot must have been caused by you adding a 3rd party kext so your statement below was not correct?
  2. Clover General discussion

    1. startup < 20 seconds, restart/shutdown about the same perhaps less. I would always suggest a clean install with Yosemite and reinstalling all your apps individually if they are not from the Apps store, as slow shutdown might be due to nvram or badly installed app unable to complete.. Again your console log should give some indication of what is happening with what. Also if you are using kext-dev-mode=1 then this might lead to issues on shutdown. Not sure as I do not use or need it. 2. Clover installer/customize uncheck install optional install scripts. Your etc folder should show the script as disabled. Mine shows "70.disable_sleep_proxy_client.local.disabled" 3. Pokenguyen has mentioned conflicts in Yosemite between MdnsResponder and launchd and the differences noted progressing thru the progressing Yosemite DP builds. There are also other posts at IM and other websites - google is your friend. Edit. You can have a look here although the thread refers to RTC alarms (something different) but makes reference to some of the changes between Mavericks and Yosemite in respect of Launchd etc. But this is about a lan connection and not shutdown issues. which is likely due to a "bad" kext that Yosemite cannot close before it times out hence the shutdown delay. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/300072-wake-reason-rtc-alarm-how-to-deactivate/page-3
  3. Clover General discussion

    Research Mavericks and MdnsReponder and Yosemite Launchd - they work differently. There is a thread here about it. Also consider disabling Clover Installer optional RC scripts which use Mdnsrespoder and don't work in Yosemite - check your console log.
  4. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    I do not think ac is the issue as on my REAL 2012 MacMini Handoff works without ac WiFi. The solution with either of the BCM cards with our without ac WiFi works on hacks. I went for the original solution as my Chinese suppliers were concerned that this card require PCIe and USB, but obviously they have gotten around it now, and the price is better. You order the BCM chip from one source and the adapter from another. in my case the chip arrived very quickly - the adapter with USPS took over two weeks longer, and had the chip been faulty I would have had a problem as by the time I could test it is was past the time allowed to return it. I agree the solution is expensive for a hack but it depends solely on how much you value the benefits of OS X functionality on non mac equipment. Lets us hope that a fix will be found but many with older real macs have tried with USB dongles to no apparent avail, now ongoing for months. Have a look at the topic on Mac rumours forum, and you will understand the extent of the problem.
  5. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Not that I know of, that actually works with Yosemite and handoff. There have been many posts about this problem - google it. The good thing about the Broadcom is that it does not need any 3rd party kexts or changes. It appears expensive but the adapter card and a plugin daughter card is very cleverly engineered to work on a hack, and it connects to PCIe and USB the later two wires for usb data in and out, and sees it as real Apple WiFi and Bluetooth module. If you are interested in the functionality of OS X its well worth the outlay as it actually works.
  6. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Yep it work here fine. Have a look at the Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD - 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth 4.0 with Adapter for PC/Hackintosh The BCM94360CD needs a special adapter it will not fit in a standard PCIeMini adapter. This co supplies a kit complete with our without the Broadcom card but its pricey and it works with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 and uses native apple kexts. It also offer 2.4 and 5Ghz WiFi totally Apple compatible as these cards are standard in the latest iMacs Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 4.3.0f9 14854 Hardware, Features, and Settings: Name: MacProYosemite (2) Address: C8-E0-EB-46-5B-36 Bluetooth Low Energy Supported: Yes Handoff Supported: Yes Instant Hotspot Supported: Yes Manufacturer: Broadcom Transport: USB Chipset: 20702B0 Firmware Version: v99 c8866 Bluetooth Power: On Discoverable: Off Connectable: Yes Auto Seek Pointing: On Remote wake: On Vendor ID: 0x05AC Product ID: 0x828D HCI Version: 0x6 HCI Revision: 0x22A2 LMP Version: 0x6 LMP Subversion: 0x4163 Device Type (Major): Computer Device Type (Complete): Mac Desktop Composite Class Of Device: 0x380104 Device Class (Major): 0x01 Device Class (Minor): 0x01 Service Class: 0x1C0 Auto Seek Keyboard: On Devices (Paired, Configured, etc.): XXXX trackpad: Address: D8-A2-5E-F6-A4-73 Major Type: Peripheral Minor Type: Trackpad Services: Apple Wireless Trackpad Paired: Yes Configured: Yes Connected: Yes Manufacturer: Apple (0x3, 0x31C) Battery Level: 85% Firmware Version: 0x0160 Vendor ID: 0x05AC Product ID: 0x030E Class of Device: 0x05 0x25 0x2594 AFH: On AFH Map: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F RSSI: -56 Role: Master Connection Mode: Sniff Mode Interval: 11.25 ms Host Connectable: Yes EDR Supported: No eSCO Supported: No SSP Supported: No xxxx iPhone: Address: D4-F4-6F-87-47-F4 Major Type: Miscellaneous Minor Type: Unknown Services: Paired: Yes Configured: Yes Connected: No Class of Device: 0x00 0x00 0x0000 xxxx iPad: Address: 9C-04-EB-9A-F6-40 Major Type: Miscellaneous Minor Type: Unknown Services: Paired: Yes Configured: Yes Connected: No Class of Device: 0x00 0x00 0x0000 Services: Bluetooth File Transfer: When receiving items: Accept all without warning State: Disabled Bluetooth File Exchange: When other items are accepted: Save to location When receiving items: Accept all without warning State: Disabled Bluetooth Internet Sharing: State: Disabled Incoming Serial Ports: Bluetooth-Incoming-Port: RFCOMM Channel: 3 Requires Authentication: No Outgoing Serial Ports: Bluetooth-Modem: Address: RFCOMM Channel: 0 Requires Authentication: No
  7. Clover General discussion

    Config.plist/DSDT/Fixes have you got this line? I FixUSB_1000 = true for for USB charging.... if i set it to false I loose charging <key>Fixes</key> <dict> ---------- <key>FixUSB_1000</key> <true/> <key>NewWay_80000000</key> <true/> </dict>
  8. [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

    Its easy, mine looks like this (with the data removed) <key>RtVariables</key> <dict> <key>ROM</key> <data>REMOVED</data> <key>MLB</key> <string>REMOVED</string> </dict> These are the only two entries required in rtvariables, the other entries you show LogEveryboot. logLineCount, and MountEFI re not needed any longer, new item as well should be removed. Repeat rtvariables should only have MLB and ROM as above everything else is now depreciated in recent versions of clover. The latest Clover release is 2909 you can get it here for the next hour or so. http://d.pr/f/xfMl removed
  9. [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

    After your login was fixed you would have been sensible to run the little iMessage_debug app, save the file in a safe place and note the MLB and ROM values. Not very good advice to others as if you have read the repeated posts telling you about the MLB and ROM values used by apple you might have thought to note them down., before overwriting everything . Have you tried using Time Machine to restore it to the time you called apple? That is your only chance without another call, and if you do get it back record the MLB and ROM values with iMessage/Facetime working. Sorry its not a waste of time but care and research is required and also a good idea to have a complete backup as well (not time machine) as a complete backup is a must for and serious hacker. and is far quicker and more reliable than TM. Hope you get it working again.
  10. [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

    @Pokes. Thanks to you and all for your continued goodwork. I am talking about yosemite DP7 specifically, I would also add that I DO NOT use the boot arg “kext-dev-mode=1” as I believe that Apple intends that it will likely not be available after the GM version is released, so my own work is involved in creating a hack that is near maclike as possible, which so far has worked well with DP7. I use Clover only and have not experimented with Chameleon for a long time. I boot using Clover UEFI only. Question. Your VietnamTools writes to S/L/E so without “kext-dev-mode=1” it does not work well for me as the modified kexts are ignored by OS X 10.10 on boot. WiFi & BT kexts by Skvo Clover will load the two kexts you provide as long as they are loaded in EFI/CLOVER/kexts and they work. Problem is 5Ghz I have tried Skvo's patch with “kext-dev-mode=1” and it works. The issue I have is i need to patch AirPortBrcm4360.kext in Clover but cannot get it to work natively without the boot arg. likely as i do not know what I am doing . Have you any ideas as to a suitable Clover patch that would make the changes to the kext? Thanks for everything.
  11. Restart PC after update to DP5

    @Eric 感謝提供他以連結我現在去除了它 @ Ekica You say Mavericks works ok yet Yosemite doesn't? Yosemite is beta and I imagine you are entitled to use only the public beta versions, as some people are loading PB2 on top of DP5 etc etc. Cache is also another issue with Yosemite, have you deleted all the cache files in /Library/Caches then rebooted into single user mode? I don't think I can help you more, good luck to you and thanks to my friend for proving links to you which I have now removed now. I boot with all systems UEFI only. Good luck.
  12. Restart PC after update to DP5

    NO you should only need these drivers in EFI/CLOVER/drivers64.efi FSInject-64.efi HFSPlus.efi OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi OsxFatBinaryDrv-64.efi Note. I use the last one OsxFatBinary-64 only to be able to boot from USB drives. I Notice you are also mixing Slices and Kozleks FakeSMC Keep on....
  13. Restart PC after update to DP5

    @magnifico if u have read the thread you would not ask that!
  14. Restart PC after update to DP5

    If you look at this link you will see that there is a new OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi (22nd Aug) (Courtesy Dmazar/Coderush and other great Developers) which on many modern MBs does not require EMU variables any longer, as nvram is saved to the BIOS. http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?s=cb35a6b8b37b7f1c93e70171adb362f1&showtopic=3298 You do need Clover >r2385 though and those that have not got it here is a link to the latest revision. http://d.pr/f/oaoB The only issue that many have experienced is being unable to login to iMessage as it changes the UUID that the Apple iMessage servers see. So tread warily by logging out of iMessage before you make the change. You will see what others have experienced from the projects link. Apart from that it works very well, but be aware of a possible problem.
  15. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Try removing SysPref/Network all network connections Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth etc, then apply. Go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and delete Networkinterfaces.plist. Then reboot. Go back then to sys pref/network and add firstly Ethernet, then WiFi, then apply. If the Ethernet is not available it is a cache issue and likely you will have to reboot again using single user mode to update the cache. These two entries are very useful for yosemite. sudo touch /S*/L*/Extensions sudo kextcache -Boot -U / Good Luck